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Patent # Description
US-9,095,185 Shoes with interchangeable decorative Appliques
Shoes having receptacles for the placement therein of replaceable decorative appliques whereby the style of the shoe can be changed as desired by the user. The...
US-9,095,184 Step-counting shoe
A step-counting shoe comprises a power generation device, a pedometer device, and a display device. When the step-counting shoe is applied with a force, the...
US-D735,958 Shoe polisher
US-D735,494 Shoe cleaning mat
US-D735,465 Shoe upper
US-D735,464 Shoe upper
US-D735,463 Shoe upper
US-D735,462 Shoe upper
US-D735,455 Golf shoe
US-D735,454 Shoe outsole
US-D735,452 Shoe sole
US-9,090,309 Spring-loaded retention and release mechanism for use on clipless bicycle pedals
A retention and release mechanism for use on clipless bicycle pedals employed to achieve a mechanical advantage in the retention and release of shoe clip...
US-9,089,999 Method and apparatus for manufacturing components used for the manufacture of articles
Methods of manufacturing wearable articles include: (a) performing a scan of a body part of a user on which the wearable article will be worn; (b) creating a...
US-9,089,185 Structure of front foot portion of shoe sole
There is provided a structure of a shoe sole that suppresses excessive bending by reinforcing the front foot portion of a sole having a reduced weight. The shoe...
US-9,089,183 Bicycle cleat positioning kit
A bicycle cleat positioning kit includes a reference indicating instrument and a cleat adjusting instrument. The reference indicating instrument includes a shoe...
US-D734,937 Upper for a shoe
US-D734,936 Upper for a shoe
US-D734,934 Golf shoe outsole
US-D734,933 Rigid shoe insert with raised heel
US-D734,932 Shoe outsole
US-9,087,159 Sports electronic training system with sport ball, and applications thereof
A sports electronic training system with sport ball, and applications thereof, are disclosed. In an embodiment, the system comprises at least one monitor and an...
US-9,086,135 Engine control apparatus
A shift drive unit includes a shift drive gear, and a shift arm which meshes with the shift drive gear. A throttle drive unit includes a throttle drive gear, a...
US-9,085,960 Gravel pack bypass assembly
A gravel pack operation disposes slurry from an inner string into the annulus around a shoe track. A valve on the shoe track can open and close flow through a...
US-9,085,835 Kind of microfiber artificial leather and its manufacturing methods
This Invention relates to a kind of microfiber artificial leather and its manufacturing methods, namely, adopting double-pile weaving process, taking...
US-9,084,451 Automated identification and assembly of shoe parts
Manufacturing and assembly of a shoe or a portion of a shoe is enhanced by automated placement and assembly of shoe parts. For example, a part-recognition...
US-D734,910 Shoe drying rack
US-D734,628 Shoe stacker
US-D734,603 Shoe outsole
US-D734,601 Shoe
US-D734,599 Shoe
US-D734,598 Shoe
US-D734,597 Shoe
US-D734,596 Golf shoe
US-9,083,228 Interchangeable stator with asymmetric pole shoe for electromagnetic retarder
A stator (1') for electromagnetic retarders intended for vehicle gearbox and axle installations, includes at least one electromagnetic coils (2) assembly, two...
US-9,083,218 Permanent magnet excited synchronous machine with embedded magnets
A permanent magnet excited synchronous machine (1) with embedded magnets, which is particularly suitable for range extender generator. It includes stator (2)...
US-9,080,640 Multi-strand tensioning arrangement with moving arms
An apparatus (10) for imparting tension to multiple strands of an endless power transferring member loop (12) encircling a drive sprocket (14) and at least one...
US-9,080,422 Liner wiper plug with bypass option
Methods and apparatus for liner wiper plugs with bypass options to allow displacing fluid to be pumped through after the liner wiper plug is set in a liner...
US-9,080,417 Drillable tool back up shoe
The invention relates to an improved downhole tool apparatus for limiting the extrusion of a sealing elements in downhole tools. The apparatus provides for...
US-9,080,402 Method and apparatus for removing unexpanded shoe
A method of removing an unexpanded shoe comprises disposing a tool in a wellbore. The tool includes a latch assembly and a mill body. The latch assembly is...
US-9,080,357 Shower door hinge
A clamp assembly includes a shoe having a base member and first and second side walls forming a first channel, and a first plurality of threaded fasteners...
US-9,080,301 Pile with low noise generation during driving
A pile with a low effective Poisson's ratio is disclosed, which greatly reduces the sound coupling to the water and sediment or other ground when driving piles....
US-9,080,297 Implement with linkage assembly and work assembly wherein work assembly has dynamic skid shoe and a scraping edge
An implement including a work assembly for clearing materials on a ground, the work assembly including an edge and at least one dynamic skid shoe. The implement...
US-9,078,494 Ski boots and other shoes and method for improved balance
A shoe is tailored for a foot of a person by positioning the foot in a range of incremental heel to forefoot height differential positions, altering the sole of...
US-9,078,492 Shoe having a contoured bottom with small particles bonded to the lowest extending portions thereof
Provided is a shoe having a bottom surface that is adjacent to the ground in normal use and that has at least some indentations, with lower extending portions...
US-9,078,489 Method for manufacturing a waterproof and vapor-permeable shoe and shoe obtained with the method
A method for manufacturing a waterproof and vapor-permeable shoe, consisting in preparing a semimanufactured component of an upper for a shoe, such that it can...
US-9,078,484 Sole for a shoe and shoe
A sole for a shoe designed to increase an instability upon striking the ground. The sole extends from a rear heel region via a metatarsal region to a front...
US-D734,019 Shoe support
US-D734,018 Shoe upper
US-D734,017 Shoe upper
US-D734,015 Upper for shoe with removable strap
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