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Patent # Description
US-9,968,161 Shoe constructions having upper assemblies with independently movable booties and decoupled sole assemblies
Shoe constructions having upper assemblies with independent booties and/or decoupled sole assemblies are disclosed herein. A shoe configured in accordance with...
US-9,968,159 Footwear with interchangeable sole structure elements
A shoe may comprise an upper and a sole structure that includes a plurality of support elements located in a plantar region. Each of the support elements may be...
US-9,968,158 Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods
A system assesses activity and displays a unitless activity value. A detector senses activity of a user. A processor reads sensed activity data from the...
US-9,968,157 Sole for a shoe
Improved soles for shoes, in particular sports shoes, are described. A sole for a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, is provided that includes a midsole with...
US-9,968,146 Guard accessory for pants
Disclosed herein is a protective guard accessory for protecting the cuff of a pant leg. In a version of the invention, the clothing accessory generally...
US-9,968,138 Foot support device
A foot support device configured to be donned by a user and subsequently inserted into a shoe that is operable to provide impact reduction for a user. The foot...
US-D817,628 Shoe midsole
US-D817,627 Shoe upper
US-D817,626 Shoe upper
US-D817,625 Shoe upper
US-D817,624 Shoe upper
US-D817,623 Shoe upper
US-D817,622 Shoe upper
US-D817,621 Shoe upper
US-D817,620 Golf shoe upper
US-D817,619 Shoe outsole
US-D817,618 Shoe sole
US-D817,617 Shoe sole
US-D817,616 Shoe
US-D817,615 Shoe
US-D817,614 Shoe
US-D817,613 Shoe midsole
US-D817,612 Shoe midsole
US-D817,611 Shoe midsole
US-D817,610 Shoe midsole
US-D817,609 Shoe
US-D817,608 Shoe
US-9,968,000 Arrangement for cooling channels in an electrode system
Provided is an arrangement for cooling channels in an electrode column assembly of an electric arc furnace, wherein the lower part of the electrode column...
US-9,963,839 Apparatus and method for a joint density endgate assembly
A joint density assembly adapted for use on a screed. The preferred joint density assembly comprises an endgate having a vertical axis. The preferred endgate...
US-9,962,633 Disk type filtering apparatus
A fluid filtering apparatus such as for filtering particulates and other materials from treated water includes a tank and a filtering region configured as a...
US-9,962,279 Ankle-foot orthotic boot
Ankle-foot orthotics are used by many people suffering from foot drop. Some are applied to the foot and then inserted into standard footwear. They present many...
US-9,962,017 Adjustable shoe rack
An adjustable shoe rack includes a support structure, at least one shoes plate, and at least one holding structure. The shoes plate is disposed on the support...
US-9,961,960 Footwear having cushioning between sole and upper
To provide cushioning and stability, a shoe has a sole section and an upper, the sole section comprising an outsole having a lower surface for contacting the...
US-9,961,958 Contoured support shoe insole
An insole having a top sheet and a base layer with three pieces that include a base layer, a forefoot pad and a midfoot-to-heel support cushion. The...
US-D816,978 Shoe upper
US-D816,957 Shoe
US-9,959,713 Card reading device and tabletop game system
A card reading device includes a card shoe part in which cards are housed, a card reading part that reads information on the cards drawn out, a control part...
US-9,958,667 Apparatus, system, and method for a mounting shoe with locking projection
An apparatus, system, and method for a mounting shoe with a locking projection is disclosed. A mounting shoe has a shoe body. A base is connected to a bottom of...
US-9,957,347 Reduced discoloration of thermoplastic polyurethanes based on polymer polyols via incorporation of aliphatic...
The present invention relates to a process for producing a polyurethane, comprising at least the following steps (A) bringing at least one polymer polyol into...
US-9,957,136 Guide rail straightness measuring system for elevator installations
The invention relates to an elevator guide rail straightness measuring system, for measuring the straightness of elevator guide rails, which measuring system...
US-9,955,755 Therapeutic footwear
The present invention generally relates to therapeutic footwear such as sandals, conventional shoes, and corrective inserts that may be inserted into...
US-9,955,753 Accessories affixed to footwear or affixed around footwear to provide a decorative fashion attachment
An attachment member which enables a decorative ornament to be affixed either onto a shoe, preferably at a location were a decorative ornament retained on the...
US-9,955,752 Sole structure for a baseball spiked shoe
A simplified sole structure for a baseball spiked shoe can improve cushioning properties of a heel region of the sole structure and can enhance comfort when...
US-D816,318 Shoe
US-D816,317 Shoe upper
US-D816,316 Shoe upper
US-D816,315 Shoe upper
US-D816,313 Upper for shoe
US-D816,312 Shoe
US-D816,311 Shoe
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