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Patent # Description
US-8,990,045 Pedometer with shoe mounted sensor and transmitter
A pedometer has first and second signal generators mounted along the inner margin of a first shoe and separated by a fixed distance. A sensor and transmitter...
US-8,986,506 Shoe press belt
A shoe press belt, and a method for manufacturing and using it. The press belt comprises a base formed of heat-resistant elastomer, inside which base there is a...
US-8,986,142 Chain guide for use in engine
Longitudinal grooves having rectangular cross-sections are formed by surface pressing in the front and/or back surfaces of the metal base plate of a chain...
US-8,986,061 Friction-attached aquatic accessory
An aquatic accessory adapted for frictional attachment with a shoe being worn by a user comprises a receptacle portion and a fin portion extending outwardly...
US-8,985,877 Quick attachment and release accessory harness
A quick attachment and release device and base may attach to a tri-pod or be carried on a harness worn by a user and includes a quick release allowing easy...
US-8,985,492 Dual-bearing reel spool brake device and dual-bearing reel
A dual-bearing reel spool brake device configured to brake a spool being rotatably mounted to a reel unit by centrifugal force is provided. The dual-bearing...
US-8,985,304 Cleanable diverter
A cleanable shoe-type diverter belt having narrow translatable pushers forming article-diverting shoes covering little or none of the belt's conveying surface....
US-8,984,825 Column shoe
The object of the invention is a column shoe for securing steel concrete columns to a base. The column shoe includes a bolt housing, which includes a base-plate...
US-8,984,769 Shoe bottom having interspersed materials
A shoe (and fabrication techniques therefor) on which is provided a bottom portion that includes a sole portion and a heel portion and that has a bottom surface...
US-8,984,694 Debris inhibitor for shoes and methods for making same
The invention provides debris inhibitors and inhibitor systems and methods of making same. The inhibitors and inhibitor systems of the present invention are...
US-8,984,665 Helmet mounting system and mounting shoe interface
An improved helmet mounting device for an optical or other viewing device is provided. The helmet mount includes a mounting assembly removably attachable to the...
US-D724,826 Shoe
US-D724,825 Shoe
US-8,978,841 Universal brake assembly
A brake actuator assembly for a railway vehicle braking system includes a pair of end members spaced apart from each other along a longitudinal axis of the...
US-8,978,719 Bag's fitting and a bag with said fitting
A fitting and a coupled bag and fitting. The coupled bag and fitting is provided wherein (a) the bag's opening is attached to the lower side of the fitting; (b)...
US-8,978,271 Shoes having an air circulation function
The present invention relates to a shoe having an air circulation function. The shoe has a receiving groove in a central portion of a top surface thereof. The...
US-D724,306 Open toe jogging shoe
US-D724,301 Shoe outsole
US-D724,300 Shoe outsole
US-D724,299 Shoe outsole
US-D724,297 Shoe outsole
US-D724,296 Shoe outsole
US-8,977,366 Systems and methods for therapeutic electrical stimulation
A patch for a therapeutic electrical stimulation device includes a shoe connected to the first side of the patch, the shoe including a body extending in a...
US-8,974,639 Angle and height control mechanisms in fourdrinier forming processes and machines
Improved height and angle adjustment mechanisms and methods for producing paper includes a plurality of height and angle adjustment mechanisms arranged in the...
US-8,973,722 Automatic slack adjuster with clutch release cam
An improved self-adjusting automatic slack adjuster for reducing slack in the brake of a vehicle is provided, in which an easily accessible external operating...
US-8,973,287 Shoe midsole and footwear
A shoe midsole has a sole plate, a plurality of blades integrally standing on the sole plate, a cover bonded to the circumference of the sole plate, and a fluid...
US-D723,788 Shoe upper
US-D723,787 Shoe midsole
US-D723,785 Shoe outsole
US-D723,784 Shoe sole
US-D723,783 Shoe sole
US-D723,782 Shoe sole
US-D723,781 Shoe sole
US-D723,780 Shoe outsole
US-D723,779 Shoe outsole
US-D723,778 Shoe sole
US-D723,777 Shoe outsole
US-D723,776 Shoe sole
US-D723,775 Shoe outsole
US-D723,774 Shoe bottom
US-D723,773 Shoe outsole periphery
US-D723,772 Shoe sole
US-D723,771 Strap for a shoe
US-D723,770 Shoe
US-8,970,054 Foot-powered energy harvesting mechanisms for insoles and shoes
The energy harvesting mechanism solves the problem of running out of battery life in remote or inconvenient locations. This invention has been designed to...
US-8,969,453 Method of manufacturing footwear using adhesive films and composite of adhesive films
A composite of an adhesive film contains a thermoplastic elastomer selected from rubber-based thermoplastic elastomer or rubber series material,...
US-8,968,227 Knee Brace
Disclosed and claimed herein is an improved leg brace having a thigh frame, a shank frame, a knee assembly rotatably coupling the thigh frame to the shank...
US-8,968,166 Sports performance enhancement system
A sport performance enhancing system includes a left glove, a right glove, a vest, a belt, a left shoe, a right shoe, and a plurality of resistance bands. The...
US-8,967,742 Roof shoe storage attic
A shoe storage system disposed on ceiling or roof. The system comprises a multiple compartment shoe attic and a mounting base. The mounting base has a base...
US-8,966,788 Set of podiatric articles
A set of podiatric articles each of which is placeable into a respective one of a pair of shoes. Each article includes: an arch area with a cross-sectional...
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