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Patent # Description
US-D736,514 Shoe fastener
US-D736,513 Athletic shoe tongue sleeve
US-D736,512 Upper for a shoe
US-D736,511 Set of shoe pads
US-D736,507 Outsole for a shoe
US-D736,506 Shoe
US-9,102,066 Robotic shoe
A robotic shoe includes a robot sole, a plurality of optical sensors, and projections. The robot sole has an underside capable of contacting the ground when in...
US-9,102,042 18 wheeler brake shoe tool systems
An 18 wheeler S-cam brake shoe tool system is a hand tool about 191/2 inches in length having a U-shaped fork on one end and an S-offset on the other end. The...
US-9,101,814 Method and apparatus for cycling training
A method and apparatus are provided for facilitating single-leg cycling training. The apparatus comprises a pair of legs connected to form a self-supporting...
US-9,101,180 Article of footwear with suspended stud assembly
An article of footwear with a suspended stud assembly attached to a sole is disclosed. The suspended stud assembly includes a base portion attached to the sole...
US-9,101,179 Smooth shoe uppers and methods for producing them
Shoe uppers having smooth seams and methods for producing them are disclosed. In one embodiment the upper uses thermoplastic seam tape which forms bonds between...
US-9,101,172 Wrap boot for a wearer's foot
A wrap boot for a wearer's foot comprising a shoe member and a legging. In use, the legging is wrapped a plurality of times around the lower part of the...
US-9,101,120 Fishing reel having centrifugal brake system
A fishing reel having a centrifugal brake system is provided. The fishing reel includes a frame, a shaft, a spool and a centrifugal brake system. The...
US-D736,268 Undercarriage track shoe for mobile earthmoving machine
US-D735,986 Shoe
US-D735,982 Shoe outsole
US-D735,981 Shoe
US-D735,976 Shoe
US-D735,975 Golf shoe
US-9,099,911 Universal motor
A universal motor includes a wound rotor and a stator. The stator has stator windings and a stator code. The stator core has at least two poles with the stator...
US-9,097,350 Axial non-contact seal
A gas turbine engine has a turbine section and an air moving section upstream of the turbine section. A seal is between a static surface and a rotating surface...
US-9,097,083 Method and apparatus for milling a zero radius lateral window in casing
A flexible milling assembly for milling an orifice through a well casing. The milling assembly can include a drive yoke, and a plurality of straight and split...
US-9,095,347 Electrically conductive/insulative over shoe for tissue fusion
An over shoe for use with electrosurgical instruments having a pair of juxtaposed jaw members pivotably associated with one another, at least one of which...
US-9,095,251 Circuits, systems, and methods for monitoring and coaching a person's sideways spacing foot placement and roll,...
A foot monitoring system includes a measurement circuit and an alert circuit. The measurement circuit measures sideways roll of a person's foot while the person...
US-9,095,191 Stockfit assembly fixture for shoe production
A stock fit assembly fixture is provided for aligning and holding into place various portions of a shoe, such as an upper portion, an outsole, and a midsole,...
US-9,095,190 Sole structure configured to allow relative heel/forefoot motion
Shoes and/or shoe elements facilitate natural foot motion and/or reduce forces tending to fight natural foot motion. In at least some such structures, a...
US-9,095,186 Article of footwear incorporating braided tensile strands
A branched braid member has a central braid portion and one or more tensile strands or small braids at either end of the central braid portion. The branched...
US-9,095,185 Shoes with interchangeable decorative Appliques
Shoes having receptacles for the placement therein of replaceable decorative appliques whereby the style of the shoe can be changed as desired by the user. The...
US-9,095,184 Step-counting shoe
A step-counting shoe comprises a power generation device, a pedometer device, and a display device. When the step-counting shoe is applied with a force, the...
US-D735,958 Shoe polisher
US-D735,494 Shoe cleaning mat
US-D735,465 Shoe upper
US-D735,464 Shoe upper
US-D735,463 Shoe upper
US-D735,462 Shoe upper
US-D735,455 Golf shoe
US-D735,454 Shoe outsole
US-D735,452 Shoe sole
US-9,090,309 Spring-loaded retention and release mechanism for use on clipless bicycle pedals
A retention and release mechanism for use on clipless bicycle pedals employed to achieve a mechanical advantage in the retention and release of shoe clip...
US-9,089,999 Method and apparatus for manufacturing components used for the manufacture of articles
Methods of manufacturing wearable articles include: (a) performing a scan of a body part of a user on which the wearable article will be worn; (b) creating a...
US-9,089,185 Structure of front foot portion of shoe sole
There is provided a structure of a shoe sole that suppresses excessive bending by reinforcing the front foot portion of a sole having a reduced weight. The shoe...
US-9,089,183 Bicycle cleat positioning kit
A bicycle cleat positioning kit includes a reference indicating instrument and a cleat adjusting instrument. The reference indicating instrument includes a shoe...
US-D734,937 Upper for a shoe
US-D734,936 Upper for a shoe
US-D734,934 Golf shoe outsole
US-D734,933 Rigid shoe insert with raised heel
US-D734,932 Shoe outsole
US-9,087,159 Sports electronic training system with sport ball, and applications thereof
A sports electronic training system with sport ball, and applications thereof, are disclosed. In an embodiment, the system comprises at least one monitor and an...
US-9,086,135 Engine control apparatus
A shift drive unit includes a shift drive gear, and a shift arm which meshes with the shift drive gear. A throttle drive unit includes a throttle drive gear, a...
US-9,085,960 Gravel pack bypass assembly
A gravel pack operation disposes slurry from an inner string into the annulus around a shoe track. A valve on the shoe track can open and close flow through a...
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