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Patent # Description
US-8,915,044 Wall board clip and mount apparatus
A mounting clip for use in the construction industry. This device will be used to effectively and efficiently establish a gap under the bottom edge of a...
US-8,914,993 Shoe sole with pivotal ground engaging plate
A shoe sole comprising a foot engaging plate for accommodating a foot of a user and a ground engaging surface/plate. The foot engaging plate is sufficiently...
US-8,914,992 Shoe sole with decorative insert
Provided are, among other things, systems, methods and techniques for manufacturing a shoe sole, in which a shoe sole is preliminarily assembled by bonding...
US-8,914,991 Dryer tennis shoe sticker
I have invented a partially magnetic apparatus (2) that will consist of stretchable band (80) and a rectangular rod (14) is to be inserted into the upper lacing...
US-D719,736 Lid for a shoe case
US-D719,727 Trapezoidal mid-foot shoe sole
US-D719,725 Shoe
US-8,911,678 Moisture and malodor control system
Moisture and malodor control systems are disclosed. These systems provide moisture control and the sustained delivery of active volatile compounds for imparting...
US-8,911,319 Dial recliner
The dial recliner includes a holder and a sector gear and also comprises a brake spring, a cam, a pair of clutch shoes and a spring which are accommodated and...
US-8,910,399 Nesting modular elevators for footwear
The nesting modular elevators for footwear are a plurality of tapered, progressively wider units that assemble sequentially to one another and attach to the...
US-8,910,353 Locking device for laces, shoelaces, cords and the like, particularly adapted to close shoes, rucksacks, items...
A locking device for laces, shoelaces, cords and the like, including: a base configured to be fixed to a product including the lace to be locked and including...
US-D719,382 Shoe display stand
US-D719,337 Shoe upper
US-D719,336 Sole for a cleated shoe
US-D719,335 Shoe sole
US-D719,334 Shoe sole
US-D719,333 Shoe sole
US-D719,332 Shoe sole
US-D719,331 Shoe
US-D719,330 Shoe sole
US-D719,328 Shoe sole
US-D719,327 Shoe outsole
US-D719,326 Shoe
US-D719,325 Shoe
US-8,907,784 Method and system for managing geographically distributed resources
A system for managing geographically distributed resources, comprising a plurality of shoes associated with said resources; each pair of said plurality of shoes...
US-8,905,484 Functional chair for putting on shoes
A functional chair is capable of storing articles such as shoes, shoe brushes, umbrellas, canes and the like by utilizing a narrow space effectively, and can be...
US-8,905,204 Roller bearing having an electric solenoid powered brake
What is presented is a mechanical arm assembly with a novel roller thrust bearing. The mechanical arm assembly comprises a first arm having a first end and a...
US-8,904,942 System for guiding rails on a rail train
A rail guide for loading railroad rails onto a rail train. The rail guide includes a guide beam disposed to depend vertically downward over each shelf in a rack...
US-8,904,877 Means to track the cumulative compressions imparted to a shoe
A device, inserted in a running shoe is used to track the accumulation of destructive compression cycles within the shoe and to indicate this information to the...
US-8,904,674 Ankle-foot orthosis
An Ankle-Foot Orthosis, or AFO, has a vertical portion and a horizontal portion joined together. The horizontal portion is fixed to a shoe, which is selected by...
US-8,904,673 Automated tightening shoe
An automated tightening shoe with a single crisscrossed laces or closure panel and a tightening mechanism which operates in one direction to cause automatic...
US-8,904,672 Automated tightening shoe
An automated tightening shoe with a single crisscrossed laces or closure panel and a tightening mechanism which operates in one direction to cause automatic...
US-8,904,587 Hand held electric shoe polisher
A handheld electric shoe polisher can quickly polish shoes in a compact device. The handheld electric shoe polisher comprises a housing mechanically coupled to...
US-D718,961 Shoe display stand
US-D718,960 Shoe display stand
US-D718,959 Shoe display stand
US-D718,921 Shoe midsole and insert
US-D718,920 Athletic shoe attachment
US-D718,919 Slip on shoe
US-8,900,079 Transmission guide
A transmission guide comprises a synthetic resin shoe supported by and integrally molded with a synthetic resin base by two-part molding. A guide length...
US-8,898,936 Footwear fastening aid
A shoe having a sole and an upper extending from the sole. The upper having an eyelet which carries a strap. The strap extends between a first end and a second...
US-8,898,933 Toe cap and toe cap embedded shoe
A structure of a toe cap and a shoe having the toe cap embedded which does not disturb foot movement such as walking while protecting a toe against lateral...
US-8,898,913 Masonry circular saw stabilizing and supporting shoe
A supporting and stabilizing shoe used with a masonry circular power saw. A shoe frame rigidly mounts to the saw's motor frame. A plate that is preferably...
US-D718,517 Shoe
US-8,895,938 Footwear sanitizing and deodorizing system exposing light-activated photocatalytic oxidation coating
Introducing ultraviolet (UV) light to activate a photocatalytic oxidation coating applied to interior portions of footwear alters the environment inside a shoe...
US-8,893,403 Sole construction having an air pumping device
The invention relates to a sole construction for a shoe, comprising an upper sole part, which has channels, a lower outsole part, and an air pumping device,...
US-D718,064 Shoe lace holder
US-D718,041 Shoe lace
US-D718,040 Shoe upper
US-D718,039 Shoe upper
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