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Patent # Description
US-D714,035 Shoe midsole
US-D714,034 Shoe
US-D714,033 Shoe
US-8,840,527 Apparatus and method of controlling lower-limb joint moments through real-time feedback training
An exercise apparatus is disclosed. The exercise apparatus comprises: a three-dimensional coordinate system having an x-axis, a y-axis, and a z-axis; lower limb...
US-8,840,174 Open roof construction for a vehicle
An open roof construction for a vehicle is provided, comprising a stationary roof, a roof opening provided therein, a movable panel for opening and closing said...
US-8,839,947 System for conveying biomass for collection, transport, or processing
A system for conveying biomass is disclosed. The system is configured to convey biomass for collection, transport, or processing. The system comprises a housing...
US-8,839,921 Pressure plate assembly and method for power transmission
A pressing device for a current collector moves a contact shoe unit is movable relative to a current rail. The pressing device includes a rocker unit and a...
US-8,839,870 Apparatus and methods for running liners in extended reach wells
A method of lining a wellbore includes deploying the liner into the wellbore using a workstring and a setting tool. The method further includes engaging the...
US-8,839,651 Horizontally stacked hemming press
A horizontally stacked hemming press includes a horizontally disposed base. A first vertical support is mounted on the base and disposed generally perpendicular...
US-D713,636 Shoe upper
US-D713,635 Shoe upper
US-D713,634 Shoe upper
US-D713,633 Shoe upper
US-D713,632 Shoe upper
US-D713,631 Athletic shoe upper
US-D713,629 Shoe outsole
US-D713,628 Shoe outsole
US-D713,627 Shoe outsole
US-D713,626 Shoe midsole
US-D713,625 Shoe midsole
US-D713,624 Shoe midsole
US-8,833,871 Sweeping track shoe for undercarriage system in a track-type machine
A ground engaging track for a track-type machine includes a set of identical standard track shoes each having a relatively narrow shoe footprint, and a sweeping...
US-8,832,972 Collapsible shoe and replaceable straps and methods for making and using same
A shoe is described having a removable heel, removable platform, and in some embodiments one or more removable straps. The shoes of the present invention...
US-8,832,971 Therapeutic footwear
The present invention generally relates to therapeutic footwear such as sandals, conventional shoes, and corrective inserts that may be inserted into...
US-8,832,968 Device for the replacement of the removable heel, provided with pulling engagement devices, in a shoe with...
Device for the replacement of the removable heel provided with pulling engagement devices in a shoe with removable heel including, associated to the...
US-D713,135 Shoe sole
US-D713,134 Shoe sole
US-D713,133 Shoe
US-D713,132 Shoe
US-8,827,382 Track cleaning system
A track cleaning system for continuous cleaning of an endless track assembly on a machine so equipped. The system has at least one first side wiper bar...
US-8,827,228 Fastener device, a seat provided with said device, and a vehicle
A fastener device (10) for fastening a load to a rail (4) that is provided with a slideway (4') defined by a bottom wall (5), two side walls (6), and a top wall...
US-8,827,055 Reversible emergency braking system for machine tools
An emergency braking system for a machine tool for the abrupt braking of a rotating shaft, including at least one brake drum and at least one brake shoe which...
US-8,826,974 Integrated continuous liner expansion method
An additional string is run through an existing string using a running string. With the strings overlapping an upper inflatable secures them together leaving...
US-8,826,960 System and apparatus for applying labels to cable or conduit
A system for applying labels to cable or conduit including at least one label and a label applicator. The label applicator including at least one guide roller,...
US-8,826,571 Shoe assembly for strength training and fitness exercise
Insole constructions for shoes including flexible components that allow for the connection of attachments having various devices are described. The insole...
US-8,826,570 Bicycling shoe and bicycling shoe components
The invention provides bicycling shoes and bicycling shoe components that offer improved comfort, fit, increased efficiency and reduced incidence of injury.
US-8,826,569 Injected footwear board and method for making the same
A golf shoe includes a sole member integrally formed with a molding material, a structural member, and a plurality of receptacles in the bottom of the sole...
US-8,826,568 Lacing system
A lacing system and unique eyelet construction adapted for use therein including an eyelet formed from wire or rod stock preferably of circular cross-section...
US-8,826,567 Footwear with insole system
A shoe including a footwear upper, an outer sole and an insole system, the insole system including a base insole component and an upper insole component. The...
US-8,826,499 Closure system
A closure or fastener is provided for apparel, shoes, equipment, and other applications. The closure may have a female component having a receiving area and a...
US-8,826,480 Resilient shoe insert and method
A resilient shoe insert includes a generally V-shaped insert body having a pair of diverging insert segments; a plurality of indentations in each of the insert...
US-D712,935 Undercarriage track shoe for mobile earthmoving machine
US-D712,650 Shoe upper
US-D712,649 Upper for a shoe
US-D712,648 Upper for a shoe
US-D712,646 Shoe insert
US-D712,643 Shoe sole
US-D712,642 Shoe
US-D712,641 Shoe
US-D712,640 Upper for a shoe
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