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Patent # Description
US-D827,263 Shoe with illuminable heel light sequence
US-D827,262 Shoe with illuminable heel light sequence
US-D827,260 Shoe
US-D827,259 Shoe
US-1,006,1184 Mounting system with break away interface
A mount for joining a base object to an ancillary object is provided. The mount includes a top layer, a bottom layer, a key, a lock and a collar. The top layer...
US-1,006,0604 LED parking lot light retrofit
A replacement LED insert module for retrofitting a pre-existing shoe box parking lot light. The module includes a plate into which an array of LED light...
US-1,006,0595 Personalized lamp
The personalized lamp is a table lamp wherein the lampshade is able to rotate. The lampshade features a plurality of picture windows that encircle a lower...
US-1,006,0535 Shaped spring element for a non-contact seal device
A non-contact seal assembly includes a plurality of seal shoes, a seal base and a plurality of spring elements. A first of the spring elements includes a first...
US-1,006,0487 Noise dampening brake shoe for a drum brake
A brake shoe for a drum brake includes a brake table and one or more webs supporting the brake table. One end of each web is pivotally coupled to an associated...
US-1,006,0431 Metering pump made of plastic
The invention relates to a metering pump (1) made of plastic, with two rotors (10) coupled to one another via gears (11) and drivable in opposite directions,...
US-1,005,9352 Corrective device for uneven brake shoe wear
A corrective device for correcting uneven brake shoe wear on a brake mechanism for a railway vehicle, wherein the railway vehicle includes a brake beam having a...
US-1,005,9071 Method for manufacturing an upper for a shoe
Methods for manufacturing an upper for a shoe, in particular a football shoe, are described. A base layer for an upper is provided. At least one profile...
US-1,005,8899 Shoe brush and cleaning device
A cleaning device includes a spinning brush assembly that cleans the item; an electric motor to actuate the spinning brush assembly; a battery to power the...
US-1,005,8768 Automated playing card retrieval system
An automated playing card retrieval system is used with a physical gaming table that hosts live wager-based games. The system includes a movable receiving...
US-1,005,8738 Swimming equipment improvement
An improved structure of swimming equipment includes a swim fin shoe body, a holder, an assembling slot and a straight swim fin board. Two ends of the swim fin...
US-1,005,8737 Apparatus for wearing fins
An apparatus for putting on flippers retaining means of a user's foot inside a shoe of a flipper, and in which apparatus the retaining means are mechanically...
US-1,005,8147 Athletic shoe with an attached moveable cleat
An athletic shoe including a moveably attached cleat is intended to displace relative to the sole on the shoe in certain situations. This allows the cleat to...
US-D826,541 Golf tee shoe
US-D826,540 Shoe upper
US-D826,537 Shoe upper
US-D826,536 Shoe upper
US-D826,535 Shoe upper
US-D826,533 Shoe upper
US-D826,532 Upper for a shoe
US-D826,531 Upper for shoe
US-D826,530 Shoe
US-D826,529 Cushioning shoe inserts
US-D826,528 Shoe outsole
US-D826,527 Shoe outsole
US-D826,526 Shoe outsole
US-D826,525 Shoe outsole
US-D826,524 Orange sole and heel stripe for single-sole shoe
US-D826,522 Shoe with removable straps
US-1,005,6179 Electromagnetic actuator for a surgical instrument and method for setting a stroke distance
An electromagnetic actuator for a medical instrument including: a stator; and a movable element, at least partly composed of a paramagnetic and/or a...
US-1,005,4908 Escapement with escape wheel with field ramps and non-return
A timepiece escapement mechanism including a resonator and an escape wheel arranged to cooperate with this resonator directly or indirectly through a stopper...
US-1,005,4295 Lamp comprising at least one OLED lighting means
The present invention relates to a lamp comprising at least one OLED lighting means lying flat on an at least partially light-transmissive carrier plate (13)...
US-1,005,4177 Drum brake device and method of assembly
Method of assembling a drum brake device includes positioning a portion of a brake shoe (22) support structure (40, 42) near an opening of a brake actuating...
US-1,005,2800 Automated forming of cast polyurethane
Cast polyurethane parts for shoes or other items may be formed in an automated fashion. A dispensing mechanism may dispense a predetermined amount of a liquid...
US-1,005,2679 Method for producing a horseshoe
Disclosed is a method for producing a horseshoe, wherein the following steps are carried out: a) at least partially viewing the hoof (16) to be shod in order to...
US-1,005,1958 Fastening part of a storage system
The present disclosure relates to a fastening part for a storage system. The system comprises a storage device, such as a basket, a set of hooks, a shoe rack, a...
US-1,005,1917 Shoe with composite upper and foam element and method of making same
A bonded mesh composite panel can be used to form a three-dimensional upper shell that includes extensions used for double-lasting and/or to otherwise provide a...
US-1,005,1915 Foamed sole and shoe
A foamed sole according to the present invention includes a foam molding containing a rubber component and a resin component, wherein the maximum value of a...
US-1,005,1911 Shoe having a printed design and printing process for shoes
The invention provides a method of assembling a shoe including a printed design for providing flat material having a first designated area and a second...
US-1,005,1791 Harvester cleaning shoe louver
A harvester cleaning shoe louver includes a head portion about which the louver is to pivot, a tail blade extending from the head portion and fin blades. The...
US-D825,911 Shoe sleeve with timer
US-D825,909 Shoe
US-D825,908 Shoe insert
US-D825,906 Shoe outsole bottom
US-D825,905 Golf shoe outsole
US-D825,904 Shoe
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