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Patent # Description
US-8,757,038 Method for producing an upper part of a shoe, in particular of a sports shoe
The method produces an upper part of a shoe, in particular a sport shoe, with enhanced wearing comfort. The method entails supplying a shoe last, which...
US-8,756,993 Inertial tracking device, shoe and personal apparatus provided with such a device
An inertial navigation device for fitting to an article that bears intermittently against a surface. The device comprises an inertial unit having at least one...
US-8,756,834 Cushioned athletic cleat
A reinforcing elastic polymer, such as a urethane/rubber material, is selectively spray-applied over upper, midsole or outsole components of articles of...
US-D707,440 Shoe upper
US-D707,439 Shoe upper
US-D707,438 Shoe upper
US-D707,437 Shoe upper
US-D707,436 Shoe upper
US-D707,434 Shoe outsole
US-D707,433 Golf shoe outsole
US-D707,432 Golf shoe outsole
US-D707,431 Golf shoe outsole
US-D707,430 Golf shoe outsole
US-D707,429 Shoe outsole
US-D707,428 Shoe outsole
US-D707,426 Shoe sole covering device
US-8,755,925 Automated identification and assembly of shoe parts
Manufacturing and assembly of a shoe or a portion of a shoe is enhanced by automated placement and assembly of shoe parts. For example, a part-recognition...
US-8,753,734 Tap for dance shoe
A toe tap for a tap shoe is characterized by a blunt forward edge which defines a platform for a dance to utilize during dance steps, particularly when the...
US-8,753,172 Superfinishing systems and methods
A CNC system for effecting a finishing treatment of a surface, including: a mechanical assembly having a mechanical arm, adapted to move within at least two...
US-8,752,844 Shoe mobility system
A shoe mobility system for allowing a user's shoe to roll on a ground surface while the user is seated in a wheelchair. The system features a base panel...
US-8,752,453 Automatic engagement and disengagement bicycle pedal
A bicycle pedal with automatic engagement and disengagement, including a body rotatably mounted on a pedal axle one side including a front hoop and a rear hoop,...
US-8,752,310 Internally illuminated footwear component
The sole section of a shoe includes a midsole and an outsole, with the midsole being made from a translucent material. An illumination system is located inside...
US-8,752,306 Shoes, devices for shoes, and methods of using shoes
A shoe includes a first plate and a second plate that are located in a portion of the shoe between an upper and an outsole of the shoe, and a nest formed as a...
US-D707,033 Shoe upper
US-D707,032 Shoe upper
US-D707,031 Shoe upper
US-D707,030 Shoe upper
US-D707,029 Shoe upper
US-D707,028 Shoe upper
US-D707,027 Shoe upper
US-D707,022 Shoe
US-D707,021 Shoe bottle opener
US-D707,019 Shoe
US-8,749,380 Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods
A body bar sensing system for sensing movement of a body bar may be provided. The body bar sensing system may include a housing having a coupling mechanism...
US-8,749,188 Adjustable foot pedal control for ophthalmic surgery
A foot pedal control for a surgical system, e.g., an ophthalmic surgery system, that adjusts to a number of different sizes of user's shoes. The foot pedal...
US-8,748,772 Rigid serrated surface for welding shoes
Opposing, paired and positionally adjustable serrated water-cooled copper welding shoes, run-off tabs, and sumps affixed at the junction of workpieces to be...
US-8,747,263 Transmission guide
A transmission guide comprises a synthetic resin shoe and a more rigid synthetic resin base, integrally molded by two-member molding. The base is formed with a...
US-8,745,963 Adjustable angle stalk stomper with torsion spring
A stalk stomper adapted for adjustable attachment to a tool bar or a corn head of a combine. The stalk stomper including a skid shoe member operatively and...
US-8,745,900 Aerodynamic bicycle shoe cover and pedal cover
A new aerodynamic cover for a bicycle shoe and clipless bicycle pedal for improving speed when cycling. The aerodynamic cover has a main body including an ankle...
US-8,745,893 Split-sole footwear
A shoe comprising an upper forming an interior portion for a foot, the interior portion including toe and heel cavities, is provided. The shoe further comprises...
US-8,745,892 Waterproof and breathable sole for shoes
A waterproof and breathable sole for shoes, including a lower layer, including at least one large through hole. Above the lower layer, a mesh is provided,...
US-D706,525 Heel for a shoe
US-D706,523 Pair of shoe soles
US-8,743,661 Timing tag
A disposable timing tag is provided, including a thin, flexible planar sheet member having first and second end sections, and a middle section. A printed radio...
US-8,741,106 Press belt and shoe press roll, and manufacturing method of press belt
In a press belt (2), stepped portions are formed between an outer peripheral surface of a central region (A) and outer peripheral surfaces of end-corresponding...
US-8,740,757 Exercise attachment for a shoe and method of use
An exercise attachment for a shoe includes a platform upon which the shoe rests. A shoe strap is removably connectable to the platform, and is used to hold the...
US-8,740,737 Transmission guide
In a transmission guide, a synthetic resin shoe and a synthetic resin base are integrally molded by two part molding. Strips projecting from a supporting...
US-8,740,610 Molding apparatus
An in-mold shutter (140) for embedding in an injection mold (100, 200, 300) is described herein. The in-mold shutter (140, 240, 340, 440, 540) includes a...
US-8,739,947 Brake lining for a drum brake assembly
An improved drum brake assembly for reducing braking vibrations and noise. The improved assembly includes a pair of shoes, each extending through an arc and...
US-8,739,937 Elevator damping element
A fixing point arranged at a guide rail consists substantially of a slide, which is movable along the guide rail and which is guided by guide shoes at the free...
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