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Patent # Description
US-D711,088 Shoe upper
US-D711,087 Shoe upper
US-D711,085 Shoe outsole
US-D711,084 Shoe sole
US-D711,083 Shoe sole
US-D711,082 Shoe outsole
US-D711,081 Shoe midsole
US-D711,080 Shoe band
US-8,800,993 Card handling systems, devices for use in card handling systems and related methods
Card handling systems include shuffling devices, shoe devices, and a card transfer system for automatically transferring cards from the shuffling device into...
US-8,800,728 Heavy-duty vehicle brake assembly with sealing interface
A heavy-duty vehicle brake assembly with a sealing interface includes a brake shoe, which includes a shoe table mounted on a web and a brake lining mounted on...
US-8,800,724 Free standing elevator hoistway
A modular, self-supporting elevator hoistway system and method includes stackable cages to replace structural building hoistways. Vertical corner columns,...
US-8,800,174 Shoe soles for enhancing gripping with a smooth hard surface
Shoe soles with and without removable/replaceable gripping pods for athletic or sport shoes are provided with enhanced traction. The sole portions or gripping...
US-8,800,173 Shoelace protector and methods thereof
A shoelace protector can include a fastening member, enclosure and upper section. The fastening member can be inserted into to an eyelet of a shoe to properly...
US-8,800,167 Pneumatic inflating device contained entirely within shoe sole
A pneumatic inflation device disposed within the sole of a shoe and comprising a pump with integral air release valve and which is entirely within the sole, a...
US-8,800,085 Method for producing a shoe and shoe
The invention relates to a method for the production of a shoe (1), especially of a sport shoe, with a shoe upper (2) and a midsole (3) which is arranged at the...
US-D710,591 Shoe upper
US-D710,590 Shoe upper
US-D710,589 Shoe upper
US-D710,588 Shoe upper with wrap-around panel
US-D710,587 Shoe upper
US-D710,586 Shoe upper
US-D710,585 Shoe upper
US-D710,583 Shoe outsole
US-D710,582 Shoe outsole
US-D710,581 Shoe outsole
US-D710,580 Shoe sole
US-D710,579 Shoe midsole
US-D710,578 Shoe midsole
US-D710,576 Shoe
US-D710,575 Shoe
US-8,798,739 Systems and methods for therapeutic electrical stimulation
A patch for a therapeutic electrical stimulation device includes a shoe connected to the first side of the patch, the shoe including a body extending in a...
US-8,794,105 Device for connecting a shoe to a sports article, such as a cycle pedal
A device for connecting a shoe to a part of a sports article such as a bicycle pedal, of the type in which the shoe and the pedal comprise attachment members of...
US-8,793,903 Half-insert used in setting middle-sole of shoes
The present invention discloses a half fork for shoe molded insole, comprising a rigid plastic injection-molded main body, and a waist core integrated in the...
US-D710,083 Shoe upper
US-D710,082 Shoe upper
US-D710,081 Golf shoe outsole
US-D710,079 Shoe sole
US-D710,076 Footwear (dream-P)
US-8,790,283 Assisting device for adopting the correct posture of lower limbs and for pursuing walking activity
A fitness/medical device assisting the movement of the lower limbs during the walking activity is substantially composed of brackets firmly connected to the...
US-8,789,898 Tracks for all-terrain vehicles
A track for an all-terrain vehicle, and namely for an armored vehicle, comprising links hinged together so as to form a closed chain, each link carrying at...
US-8,789,892 Drive mechanism for a longwall mining machine
A mining machine for mining along a mining face includes a longwall shearer, a product removal system for removing product cut by the longwall shearer, and a...
US-8,789,735 Floor stapler shoe
A floor stapler shoe used in the installation of hardwood floors includes a shoe body and a pair or more antifriction components. The shoe body is designed to...
US-8,789,677 Adjustment device for adjusting a vehicle seat component
An adjustment device for adjusting a vehicle seat component is provided. The adjustment device comprising a rotary fitting for adjusting the vehicle seat...
US-8,789,610 Methods of casing a wellbore with corrodable boring shoes
Earth-boring casing shoes include a crown configured for at least one of drilling and reaming a wellbore when the crown is attached to a section of casing and...
US-8,789,327 Column shoe
The object of the invention is a column shoe for securing steel concrete columns to a base. The column shoe includes a bolt housing, which includes a baseplate...
US-8,789,297 Disposable shoe cover for bowling
A temporary, disposable shoe cover for bowling includes an upper, a sole having a first sole portion and a second sole portion, and a retainer. The upper is...
US-8,789,249 Hidden-type convertible shoe
A shoe comprising a shoe upper including a male member and a shoe sole including a female receptor for locking with the male member. The male member locks with...
US-D710,015 Adaptor shoe for a hearing aid
US-D709,688 Shoe-shaped medicine case
US-D709,686 Footwear
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