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Patent # Description
US-D689,673 Shoe
US-D689,672 Sweater shoe
US-8,529,733 Twin fabric forming section with multiple drainage shoes
A forming section for a twin fabric papermaking machine, wherein after stock impingement, the two fabrics carry and sandwich the stock. A plurality of spaced...
US-D689,535 Digital camera
US-D689,279 Shoe upper
US-D689,278 Shoe upper
US-D689,277 Shoe upper
US-D689,274 Shoe sole
US-D689,273 Shoe midsole
US-D689,272 Split-sole shoe with blue soles and brown midsoles
US-D689,271 Split-sole shoe with blue stripe
US-D689,270 Shoe with blue soles and brown midsoles
US-8,526,808 TTL photographic wireless communication system and method
A system and method for synchronizing a remote lighting device to a camera using a hot shoe connection and a wireless communication device connected via the hot...
US-8,523,194 Forefoot wedge insert for footwear
A forefoot wedge insert, and methods for forming same, are described for a piece of footwear, such as but not limited to ice skating boots, or a shoe, such as...
US-8,522,622 Combined bending and torsion test system and method
A fixture for testing a tubular member simultaneously in bending and torsion is disclosed. The fixture includes first and second attachment elements that are...
US-8,522,595 Guided keeper assembly and method for metal forming dies
A guided keeper assembly for metal forming dies includes a base having a mounting face and a fastener aperture to mount the base to an associated die shoe, as...
US-8,522,457 Sole
A sole for a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, includes a unidirectional bending element. The unidirectional bending element enables a dorsal bending of the...
US-D689,101 Sweeping track shoe for a track-type machine
US-D688,862 Shoe upper
US-D688,861 Shoe upper
US-D688,860 Shoe upper
US-D688,859 Decorative features for a shoe
US-D688,858 Decorative features for a shoe
US-D688,857 Shoe upper
US-D688,856 Shoe outsole
US-D688,855 Split-sole shoe with blue soles
US-D688,854 Split-sole shoe with blue stripe, blue soles, and brown midsoles
US-D688,853 Split-sole shoe with blue stripe and soles
US-D688,852 Shoe
US-8,519,588 Permanent-magnetic rotor
A permanent magnetic rotor for an electric motor, preferably for an internal rotor motor, includes a laminated core consisting of several rotor sheets that are...
US-8,518,167 Polish product free of volatile components
Described is a polish product, and particularly to a shoe or leather care product, in the form of a paste. The product is essentially free of volatile...
US-8,517,166 Mailpiece selector device for selecting mixed mailpieces
A mailpiece selector device including at least a first guide that is mounted above a support plate for supporting mailpieces, and that is made up of a plurality...
US-8,516,722 Shoe tongue centralizer
The shoe tongue centralizer assembly includes a binding post and a centralizer band which, together prevent the tongue of any type of laced shoe, boot or other...
US-8,516,717 High-heeled bifunctional pointe shoe
The present invention is a bifunctional, high-heeled dancer's shoe with the flexibility and strength to allow the dancer to go from standing on the heel to an...
US-D688,646 Interactive shoe
US-D688,456 Portable shoe tote
US-D688,448 Shoe upper
US-D688,447 Shoe upper
US-D688,446 Shoe upper
US-D688,445 Shoe outsole
US-8,513,850 Electric machine and rotor arrangement
The invention relates to an electric machine excited by a permanent magnet. The electric machine comprises a rotor arrangement having buried permanent magnets...
US-8,512,270 Dynamic foot-arch support assembly and associated methods
The technology described herein provides a dynamic foot-arch support assembly for dynamically supporting the arch and structures of the human foot throughout...
US-8,511,760 Roller bearing track bushing system
A roller element bearing 40 track bushing system embodiment for track link assemblies 14 capable of being used on a vehicle 10 having an endless track 12. Each...
US-8,511,684 Card-reading shoe with inventory correction feature and methods of correcting inventory
Methods and apparatus for identifying unexpected cards in a card-handling device are disclosed. The method comprises providing a card-handling device, wherein...
US-8,511,437 Elevator car brake with shoes actuated by springs coupled to gear drive assembly
An elevator car braking apparatus includes a gear drive assembly for compressing one or more springs which are coupled by a cam follower to one or a pair of...
US-8,511,131 Cable bender
A cable bending tool comprises a drive housing including a powered drive element. A jaw assembly comprises first and second jaws hingedly connected to one...
US-8,510,974 Removable footwear traction plate
A traction plate for a shoe. The traction plate is removably attachable to the outsole of a shoe to provide traction on a surface for a shoe wearer. The plate...
US-8,510,973 Footwear with retractable spikes
A shoe and an apparatus for selectively extending spikes from the bottom of a shoe. The shoe has a sole having a longitudinal direction a plurality of spike...
US-8,510,970 Shoe sole with energy restoring device
The present disclosure describes a performance enhancing shoe sole that includes an anterior support structure and a posterior support structure that are...
US-D688,040 Shoe upper
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