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United States Patent 3,610,486
Kunzmann October 5, 1971



A hollowed-out mannequin head for the manufacture, care, and exhibition of wigs, made of rubber or rubberlike material of sufficient rigidity to retain its shape and to accommodate wig assembly pins in its outer wall, optionally provided with a removable flexible cap, suitable for extended use and resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

Inventors: Kunzmann; Josef (AM Stadtbad, DT)
Appl. No.: 04/840,694
Filed: July 10, 1969

Foreign Application Priority Data

Jul 12, 1968 [DT] P 17 60 863.8

Current U.S. Class: 223/66
Current International Class: A45D 44/14 (20060101); A45D 44/00 (20060101); D06c 015/00 (); A41g 005/00 (); A47j 051/00 ()
Field of Search: 223/66,68,67 206/7A,46 132/53-56

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Primary Examiner: Franklin; Jordan
Assistant Examiner: Larkin; George V.


What is claimed is:

1. Mannequin head for the manufacture, care and exhibition of wigs and other hairpieces having a natural head shape and a homogeneous, thick wall structure constructed of an elastic material having sufficient rigidity to retain its shape and to support wig assembly pins over the entire portion of said mannequin head normally covered by wigs and other hairpieces, the exterior of said head being provided with a natural hairline and with a plurality of measuring lines for fitting of wigs, said lines extending from one ear area over the head to the corresponding area on the other side.

2. Mannequin head in accordance with claim 1 in which the interior of the head is hollowed out.

3. Mannequin head in accordance with claim 2 wherein the interior hollowed out portion of said head is provided with integrally formed reinforcing ribs.

4. Mannequin head in accordance with claim 1 wherein the head comprises a separate cap made of a thick elastic material which conforms generally to the portion of said head normally covered by a wig.

5. Mannequin head in accordance with claim 4 wherein said separate cap is fitted into said head.

6. Mannequin head in accordance with claim 4 wherein the separate cap fits over said head.

7. Mannequin head in accordance with claim 4 wherein the separate cap portion is adhesively attached to said head.

8. Mannequin head in accordance with claim 1 wherein said elastic material is rubber.

The present invention relates to a mannequin head for wigs which can serve as working equipment for the making, as well as for the care, of wigs.

Such a mannequin head must retain its shape so that the wigs made on this head can be fitted exactly and will also later on fit the wearer. The head should be as light as possible so that it can be handled easily and it must be made of such a material that it will not be damaged or destroyed after the assembly pins have been used on its several times. Above all this, the head should be universal in its use in order to allow same to be used, as mentioned above, in the making and in the, mostly moist, finishing care of the wigs.

It is known to use two separate heads so that the wig is made on a wooden head and the finished wig is wetted and combed out on a shapeless fabric head.

The wooden heads did not prove themselves, as they tend to easily split open after the assembly pins had been driven into it several times. Furthermore, after continued usage, they do not give enough hold to the assembly pins.

The fabric heads used in the finishing or care of wigs are, on the other hand, subject to and nonresistant to the influence of moisture so that their interior decomposes and/or otherwise dissolves, leading, among other things, to a bad odor.

The same deficiency occurs also with other known mannequin heads, which consist of a water impermeable skin and a filling of wood shavings, pieces of cork or other similar materials. Although the covering skin in this instance is water impervious, it is still destroyed in those places where the assembly pins are repeatedly inserted and thus becomes previous to water. Consequently, destruction of the filling, with all the concomitant disadvantages, is inevitable. Also, the assembly pins which are put into the moist filling will rust so that, when extracting the pins, portions of the covering will tear and this leads to further destruction of the mannequin head.

Thus, it is an object of this invention to provide a mannequin head which will be universally usable, e.g., usable even as an exhibition head, while at the same time withstanding all external influences and retaining its shape even after repeated use, and susceptible of easy repair of small defects which may occasionally appear.

This and other objects are achieved in accordance with the invention through the provision of a mannequin head made of rubber or a material similar to rubber, which because of its strong support and wall structure retains its shape, optionally with provision of supporting ribs for additional strengthening. Since the head is made in a form (conveniently in two parts) the head can be so modelled that it can be used as a presentable exhibition head without additional cost.

Because of its homogeneous, thick wall structure and the elastic material used, the head resists moisture and offers good support for the assembly pins. The head is also relatively light and can be easily repaired with an included filler kit, should this become necessary after extended usage.

The mannequin head in accordance with the invention, however, can also be constructed in a different material such as for example, plastic, celluloid, or similar materials. The portion of the head which is to carry the wig, however, has then to be provided with a separate cap made of thick elastic material such as rubber or a rubberlike material. The separate cap conforms generally to the portion of the mannequin head normally covered by a wig and can fit over the mannequin head as is shown by reference numeral 7 in the drawing or the cap can be fitted into or countersunk into the mannequin head. If desired the separate cap may be secured to the mannequin head by an adhesive or similar means.

The attached drawing illustrates a typical embodiment of the invention.

The mannequin head 1 is hollow to keep its weight down but has a comparatively thick wall 2, so that the assembly pins hold in place. To further increase its strength, the interior has supporting ribs 3. As a teaching aid usable for the instruction of students, the skull is furnished with the outlines 4 of the hairline on the skull. The drawing shows measuring lines 5, some of which intersect at a point above the ear area of the mannequin head, which are used to set a wig or toupee in a desired position on the head. The lines extend generally from one ear area over the top of the head to a corresponding area on the other side of the head. The lines 5 are positioned as desired by the wig stylist, to place the wig so as to produce a desired effect.

The conical cavity 6 shown as a throat accommodates a swivel mechanism with which the head is fastened to the table. Naturally, the head is made in different sizes. The removable or glued on cap 7 is indicated with a dotted line.

The head in accordance with the invention is distinguished from other models known in the art by virtue of its universal applicability and also because of its durability, even when subjected to acids or lye and mechanical wear and tear of all kinds.

* * * * *

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