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Patent # Description
US-9,560,807 Wrapping device and method for wrapping an object
The invention relates to a wrapping device to wrap an object, such as a bale, in foil material, including at least one clamping and cutting device to clamp the...
US-9,560,806 Control of conveyor speed in a bale gathering apparatus
Apparatus for gathering bales that substantially match conveyor speed to ground speed. Methods for gathering bales that use such apparatus are also provided.
US-9,560,805 Backwater valve assembly and method
The present disclosure is directed to a backwater valve assembly comprising a main valve body, a flapper sub-assembly, and a cap. The main valve body has an...
US-9,560,804 Stalk roll with flutes defining a recess
One embodiment of a stalk roll to be mounted upon a stalk roll drive shaft of a corn harvesting header comprises a cylindrical shell with a recess in the main...
US-9,560,803 Weed trimmer and edger attachment for riding lawnmowers
A weed trimmer and edger apparatus and method for cutting, edging, and lawn maintenance in general. In one embodiment, the apparatus is an attachment for a...
US-9,560,802 Tailings plug reduction
A sensor signal is received, and is indicative of a sensed parameter. A metric is generated that indicates a likelihood of a tailings elevator plug, based upon...
US-9,560,801 Vegetation cutter with a dock for receiving obstacles
A vegetation cutter for cutting vegetation circumferent an obstacle. The vegetation cutter comprises a frame comprising a dock for receiving the obstacle; at...
US-9,560,800 Quick change rotary mower blade assembly
A quick change rotary mower blade assembly includes a mower blade attached to a blade assembly pin that is inserted into an internal bore in a spindle extending...
US-9,560,799 Rotating body for mower
To provide a mower with which a mowing cord can be kept in an appropriate protruding state, in a mower in which a mowing cord 11 of resin is wound on a rotating...
US-9,560,798 Mulching apparatus for a lawnmower
A mulching device for attachment to a lawnmower includes a cutting assembly separate from the mower blades, wherein the grass clippings are finely cut and then...
US-9,560,797 Soil injection system and method
Embodiments of a method and a system are provided to create a uniform layer of a substance such as a hydrogel or other fluid substance underneath the soil...
US-9,560,796 Hopper sliding 4-bar deployment system
A hopper configuration comprises a hopper tray configured to receive a material from a source. The hopper configuration also comprises a conveyance mechanism...
US-D778,524 Forklift
US-D778,523 Fork-lift truck
US-D778,522 Fork-lift truck
US-D778,521 Wheelbarrow wheelbase
US-D778,520 Container
US-D778,519 Container with integrated handles
US-D778,518 Intake for cleaner
US-D778,517 Vacuum cleaner nozzle hood
US-D778,516 Washing machine
US-D778,515 Robot cleaner
US-D778,514 Robot cleaner
US-D778,513 Dishwasher and/or components thereof
US-D778,512 Dishwasher and/or component(s) thereof
US-D778,511 Rope pull pet toy
US-D778,510 Animal crate door
US-D778,509 Animal carrier
US-D778,508 Clip for a universal accessory slot of a hard hat
US-D778,507 Medical cooling personal protection helmet with camera casing and mounting attachment assembly
US-D778,506 Elbow sleeve
US-D778,505 Article of headwear that includes a concussion sensor and a noise reduction element
US-D778,504 Athletic helmet
US-D778,503 Container for lip balm
US-D778,502 Container for lip balm
US-D778,501 Hair rack
US-D778,500 Razor handle
US-D778,499 Razor handle
US-D778,498 Razor cartridge shaving aid assembly
US-D778,497 Heated hair roller base
US-D778,496 Cosmetic applicator
US-D778,495 Cosmetic applicator
US-D778,494 Dispenser for e-liquid
US-D778,493 E-cigarette
US-D778,492 Atomizer
US-D778,491 Headlight bezel of a truck vehicle
US-D778,490 Headlight bezel of a truck vehicle
US-D778,489 Vehicle component
US-D778,488 LED housing
US-D778,487 Lighting fixture trim
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