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Patent # Description
US-9,648,817 Sunflower hybrid NHW11915
A hybrid sunflower, designated NHW11915, is disclosed. The invention relates to the seeds of hybrid sunflower NHW11915, to the plants of hybrid sunflower...
US-9,648,816 Onion variety SV4522NB
The invention provides seed and plants of the onion line designated SV4522NB. The invention thus relates to the plants, seeds and tissue cultures of onion line...
US-9,648,815 Papaver somniferum with high concentration of codeine
The present invention is directed to an improved poppy straw, concentrate of poppy straw and opium of Papaver somniferum for the production of codeine...
US-9,648,814 Method and apparatus for substantially isolating plant tissues
The present invention discloses and claims methods and devices for the rapid mechanical isolation of monocot plant tissues suitable for transformation or tissue...
US-9,648,813 Regulation of gene expression via uORF of GDP-L-galactose phosphorylase (GGP) gene
The invention provides isolated polynucleotides comprising sequences encoding a u ORF peptides and variants and fragments thereof. The invention also provides...
US-9,648,812 Mushroom line J10102-s69 and methods and uses therefor
A culture comprising at least one set of the chromosomes of the Agaricus bisporus line J10102-s69, the culture of the line J10102-s69 having been deposited...
US-9,648,811 Sequential and cyclic aeroponic system
Embodiments generally relate to systems and methods for aeroponic plant growth involving closed loops of growing units linked by plumbing sections. The system...
US-9,648,810 Irrigation systems and methods
An irrigation device and related methods involve the device having a container defining an interior space. The container has a perforated side wall portion, a...
US-9,648,809 Hydraulic conditioner roll tension in pull-type mower conditioner
A pull-type mower conditioner includes a crop cutting assembly that severs crop material from the ground and a lift mechanism configured to raise and lower the...
US-9,648,808 Mobile platform biomass harvester and processor
A mobile platform biomass harvester has a header, a biomass processor, a storage container, a guidance system, an engine, an electric generator, and a guidance...
US-9,648,807 Agricultural harvesting machine
An agricultural harvesting machine has a control arrangement including an optical sensor device for recording image series of a continuous main crop stream, an...
US-9,648,806 Hydraulic brush cutter
A brush cutter includes a center deck that is pivotally coupled to a first wing deck and a second wing deck. Each deck has a hydraulic cutting assembly. A...
US-9,648,805 Locking device, telescopic rod and mower comprising the locking device
A locking device includes an operating lever, a base and a repulsion generating member, wherein the operating lever has a releasing position and a locking...
US-9,648,804 Knife arm assembly for a sickle
The knife arm assembly for connecting a sickle drive to the knife of a sickle, has a knife arm including a cavity and an opening at one end that holds a bearing...
US-9,648,803 Bi-fold hoods for agricultural equipment
A foldable top cover for an agricultural mower that includes first and second generally planar cover portions connected by an intermediately positioned hinge...
US-9,648,802 Multiple seed-type planter with on-row selector assembly
A system is provided for planting multiple types of seed and automatically switching between the varieties during planting in a single planting pass of a...
US-9,648,801 Air seeding cart and manifold for same
In a method of operating a seed cart, a compartment is provided defining a volume for receiving a commodity. A distribution manifold is provided including two...
US-9,648,800 Row unit for a seeding machine with dual seed meters
A row unit for a seeding machine includes a frame and first and second seed meters. The first seed meter has a first metering member for singulating seeds, and...
US-9,648,799 Tillage implement with enhanced blade gang adjustability
A tillage implement has a main frame provided with ground-engaging wheels that support the main frame at a selected height above the ground. Tillage shanks may...
US-9,648,798 Flexible wing sections for a field cultivator
An agricultural tillage implement for use in a field. The agricultural tillage implement including a frame section and a plurality of wing sections. The frame...
US-9,648,797 Sod harvester with flap control device
A method of arranging sod rolls on a pallet including the steps of using a sod harvester to create a plurality of sod rolls and deposit them onto a platform;...
US-9,648,796 Skid steer attachment
A skid steer prying attachment device facilitates removal of large rocks or the like embedded in the ground. The device includes a frame having a top side, a...
US-D787,149 Urn
US-D787,148 Forklift-tray
US-D787,147 Trolley
US-D787,146 Hanging waste receptacle apparatus
US-D787,145 Sock holder
US-D787,143 Sponge for substrate cleaning
US-D787,136 Anti-grazing horse riding muzzle
US-D787,129 Dental flossing device
US-D787,124 Hair device for lifting, retention, and styling
US-D787,121 Capsule containing washing products
US-D787,116 Set of peel away eyeliner stencils
US-D787,105 Flashlight
US-D787,097 Headlights for a vehicle
US-D787,093 Trim reveal extrusion
US-D787,079 Heating moxa cautery apparatus
US-D787,074 Skin analyzer
US-D787,057 Tissue file
US-D787,048 Feminine night pad
US-D787,036 Bucket for dehumidifier
US-D787,035 Propeller fan
US-D787,034 Oval shaped condenser unit
US-D787,033 Heat exchanger
US-D787,030 Infant bathtub
US-D787,023 Device for concealing a flange
US-D787,022 Lever handle inlaid with semiprecious stones or gems on top with brass base
US-D787,018 Shower assembly
US-D787,016 Shower assembly
US-D787,012 Fishing lure
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