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Patent # Description
US-9,743,579 Weight distribution controlled by sectioned product container of agricultural application implements
A self-propelled agricultural product application implement such as high clearance sprayer and/or spreader is provided that includes a product container that is...
US-9,743,578 Agricultural devices, systems, and methods for determining soil and seed characteristics and analyzing the same
Agricultural seed planting systems are provided. In some aspects, the system includes a processing unit, a frame, a furrow opener coupled to the frame for...
US-9,743,577 Planter for rhizomes and the like
An apparatus for planting rhizomes includes a chassis having wheels to move in a primary direction over an area in which rhizomes are to be planted, the primary...
US-9,743,576 Adjustable clamp on head bracket
The selective positioning of row units along a planter tool bar is facilitated by introducing an elongated channel of generally C-shaped cross-sectional...
US-9,743,575 Commodity cart tank with upper and lower fill openings
A commodity tank for a product distribution machine has a hollow body enclosing an interior space with an upper fill opening through which product can flow into...
US-9,743,574 Mobile soil optical mapping system
A soil mapping system for collecting and mapping soil reflectance data in a field includes an implement having a furrow opener for creating a furrow and an...
US-9,743,573 Weight transfer and residue spreading apparatus for an agricultural vehicle
An agricultural harvesting system including a chassis, a plurality of ground support devices carrying the chassis in a direction of travel, and a threshing...
US-9,743,572 Adjustable row cleaner
An adjustable row cleaner includes a row cleaner assembly that functions to clear material from the ground surface. The adjustable row cleaner includes, in one...
US-9,743,571 Agricultural inter-seeder rotor
A system for planting cover crop seeds in fields with standing row crops, including a high-clearance agricultural vehicle with a high-clearance toolbar, soil...
US-D796,149 Fork for forklift
US-D796,148 Travelator
US-D796,147 Wheel
US-D796,146 Cart
US-D796,145 Trolley
US-D796,144 Shopping cart
US-D796,143 Hose reel cart
US-D796,142 Iron
US-D796,141 Iron
US-D796,140 Paint container liner
US-D796,139 Push broom
US-D796,138 All-in-one cleaning tool
US-D796,137 All-in-one cleaning tool
US-D796,136 Floorhead
US-D796,135 Intake for vacuum cleaner
US-D796,134 Suction head
US-D796,133 Swimming pool telescoping pole
US-D796,132 Joint pipe for vacuum cleaner
US-D796,131 Door for washing machine
US-D796,130 Door for washing machine
US-D796,129 Vacuum cleaner
US-D796,128 Floating debris skimming device
US-D796,127 Toilet plunger
US-D796,126 Pet excrement bag holder
US-D796,125 Pet toy
US-D796,124 Pet leash
US-D796,123 Protective sleeve for animals
US-D796,122 Fish tank
US-D796,121 Fire extinguisher
US-D796,120 Peripheral rear-view mirrors
US-D796,119 Archery glove
US-D796,118 Welders' mask
US-D796,116 Electric comb
US-D796,115 Hair fiber sprayer
US-D796,114 Cosmetics applicator
US-D796,113 Fuel cartridge
US-D796,112 Electronic cigarette
US-D796,111 Housing for a LED-based lighting apparatus
US-D796,110 Housing for LED-based lighting apparatus
US-D796,109 Light fixture
US-D796,108 Lighting fixture
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