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Patent # Description
US-9,883,635 Plant illumination device and method for dark growth chambers
An improved method to produce artificial light for plant cultivation, an illumination device with a semiconductor light emission solution and device suited for...
US-9,883,634 Attachment for air blower
An adjustable attachment for a landscaping air blower includes a mounting tube, a nozzle and a connecting ring that rotatably couples the mounting ring and the...
US-9,883,633 Knotter system for a baler
A knotter system has a bill hook, a twine receiver, a cutting arm and drive components. The twine receiver is adapted to let the twines slip during a second...
US-9,883,632 Strap gripper for an agricultural baler
An agricultural baler including a sealing assembly positioned adjacent to a baling chamber. The sealing assembly is configured to receive a strap and to seal...
US-9,883,631 Crop processing apparatus in a combine harvester
A combine harvester comprises a threshing unit arranged to receive and thresh a crop stream. Separating apparatus are located downstream and rearward of the...
US-9,883,630 Nut windrow gatherer
A nut windrow gatherer for use in organizing and shaping the end of a nut windrow. The present system has a housing with two sidewalls, a rear spoiler plate,...
US-9,883,629 Ground treatment device
An apparatus for performing a ground treatment, such as aeration or dethatching, is provided. The apparatus includes a base frame component to which a pair of...
US-9,883,628 Anti-wind/anti-wrapping assembly for trimmers
An anti-winding assembly reduces or prevents debris from winding on a trimmer and/or makes them easier to remove. The trimmer includes a trimmer head mounted to...
US-9,883,627 Device for picking up harvested root crop
A pick-up arrangement for picking up harvested crop, comprises a pick-up device which has a pick-up device frame defining a pick-up opening located on a pick-up...
US-9,883,626 Controlling an agricultural vehicle based on sensed inputs
A variable is sensed that is indicative of a performance of a machine. A rate of change of the sensed variable is determined, and a control signal is generated...
US-9,883,625 Crop input variety selection systems
Systems, methods and apparatus are disclosed for selecting an agricultural input. First and second seed meters selectively meter seed from first and second...
US-9,883,624 Row unit for a seeding machine with dual seed meters
A row unit for a seeding machine has a seed meter assembly having first and second reservoirs for holding a first pool of seeds and a second pool of seeds,...
US-9,883,623 Agricultural toolbar apparatus, systems, and methods
Systems, methods and apparatus for shifting weight between a tractor and toolbar and between sections of the toolbar and for folding a toolbar between a work...
US-9,883,622 Vehicle control system
A tractor control system, which controls an operating condition of an implement attached to the tractor. The control system includes a sensing means providing a...
US-9,883,621 Soil working machines including height and pitch tool adjustability
Unique self-propelled soil working machines are disclosed. In certain exemplary embodiments the self propelled soil working machine includes a tool carrier...
US-D809,739 Indoor parcel locker
US-D809,738 Urn attachment
US-D809,737 Pine memorial marker
US-D809,736 Maple leaf memorial marker
US-D809,735 Pet burial or cremation bag
US-D809,734 Lifting device
US-D809,733 Pallet jack reel stand
US-D809,732 Frame for wheelbarrow
US-D809,731 Shopping trolley
US-D809,730 Cart
US-D809,729 Sensor trash can
US-D809,728 Trash receptacle
US-D809,727 Cleaning bucket
US-D809,726 Vacuum cleaner wheel
US-D809,725 Lower portion of a vacuum cleaner
US-D809,724 Drum washing machine
US-D809,723 Air nozzle
US-D809,722 Vacuum cleaner
US-D809,721 Floor cleaning device
US-D809,720 Plunger
US-D809,719 Drum washing machine
US-D809,718 Dog collar
US-D809,717 Solar birdfeeder
US-D809,716 Shelf for an animal accommodation module
US-D809,715 Pet bed
US-D809,714 Industrial impact safety glove
US-D809,713 Helmet
US-D809,712 Countertop styling station
US-D809,711 Refill container for cosmetic products
US-D809,710 Capsule containing washing products
US-D809,709 Capsule containing washing products
US-D809,708 Capsule containing washing products
US-D809,707 Make up applicator
US-D809,706 Lighter
US-D809,705 Cigarette-shaped consumable
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