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Patent # Description
US-1,002,8431 Electrical system for riding lawn care vehicle
A riding lawn mower is provided with an electrical system. The electrical system includes a control module, transceiver modules, and a wiring system. The...
US-1,002,8430 Method of calibrating an applicator
An ammonia applicator system includes has adjustable orifices with openings having variable sizes that can be changed remotely, without having to disassemble...
US-1,002,8429 Pneumatic delivery system for application implement using multiple metering devices
A pneumatic delivery system for particulate agricultural products includes one or more compartment for containing and supplying one or more particulate product....
US-1,002,8428 Control system and method for automatically determining characteristic for optimum machine performance
A control system and method for automatically determining characteristic for optimum machine performance including a user interface console, a processor and a...
US-1,002,8427 Dual-seed metering device, system, and method of use
A seed meter comprising a housing including one or more air inlets for receiving pressurized air into the housing. The seed meter additionally includes a first...
US-1,002,8426 Agronomic systems, methods and apparatuses
In one aspect, an agricultural system is provided and includes an information gathering component, a first component and a second component. The information...
US-1,002,8425 System, apparatus, and method for remote soil moisture measurement and control
A system for remote moisture monitoring and control includes: a measurement vehicle, including a vehicle body, a vehicle control unit, a transmitter antenna,...
US-1,002,8424 System for mounting an agricultural soil analyzer to agricultural implement
A system includes a retractable mounting assembly including a frame assembly. The frame assembly includes at least one substantially rigid frame member. In some...
US-1,002,8423 Tillage electro-hydraulic design and layout on fold sequence of fold machine
An agricultural tillage implement has a main frame section with a telescoping pull hitch tube and a tool bar. A left wing section and a right wing section are...
US-1,002,8422 Tool bar pivot hinge assembly for an agricultural implement
An agricultural implement system includes a tow bar configured to couple to a hitch assembly. The agricultural implement system also includes a tool bar pivot...
US-1,002,8421 Scarifier for deep strip-tillage
Scarifier for deep strip-tillage, that after a single trip allows the soil to be in adequate conditions for planting or sowing, operating with a great energy...
US-D824,134 Giraffe coin bank
US-D824,133 Composite pallet
US-D824,132 Automobile lifting jack
US-D824,131 Portable drive-over conveyor
US-D824,130 Handgrip for cleaning tool handles
US-D824,128 Snow removal tool
US-D824,127 Microfiber drying cloth
US-D824,126 Garment hamper
US-D824,125 Brush for vacuum cleaner
US-D824,124 Dehumidifying sterilizing and deodorizing machine for garments
US-D824,123 Washing machine
US-D824,122 Washing machine
US-D824,121 Washing machine
US-D824,120 Dog trainer
US-D824,119 Feeder
US-D824,118 Pet feeding device
US-D824,117 Pad for an animal enclosure
US-D824,116 Pad for an animal enclosure
US-D824,115 Pad for an animal enclosure
US-D824,114 Pad for an animal enclosure
US-D824,113 Part of an item holder
US-D824,112 Fingerless grip-type glove
US-D824,111 Industrial impact safety glove
US-D824,110 Hard plate vest
US-D824,109 Harness anchorage
US-D824,108 Trimmer
US-D824,107 Trimmer
US-D824,106 Trimmer
US-D824,105 Electric clipper
US-D824,104 Handle for shaver
US-D824,103 Razor
US-D824,102 Razor handle
US-D824,101 Dispenser for E-liquid
US-D824,100 Dispenser for E-liquid
US-D824,099 Dispenser for E-liquid
US-D824,098 Dispenser for E-liquid
US-D824,097 Dispenser for E-liquid
US-D824,096 Cartomizer
US-D824,095 Dispenser for e-liquid
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