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Patent # Description
US-1,005,8039 Plant infiltration device
It is provided a plant infiltration device for infiltrating plants with an inoculum and method of using same, the device comprising a frame having one or more...
US-1,005,8038 System and method for continuous bale forming
A crop feeding mechanism for a harvester includes one or a plurality of screws or augers positioned in a hollow chamber of defined by the interior surface of an...
US-1,005,8037 Baler and method for improved bale handling
A baler and method are described for forming and wrapping bales of crop material. A baler may include a baling chamber, a crop-moving device for compressing...
US-1,005,8036 Structural members for a side shaking sieve arrangement in an agricultural harvester
A sieve arrangement for an agricultural combine harvester includes a sieve frame for carrying a sieve, a side shaker arm, and a plurality of elongate structural...
US-1,005,8035 Threshing and separating system with adjustable rotor vanes
A threshing and separating system for an agricultural vehicle includes: a rotor cage; a first vane rail movably connected to the rotor cage; a first vane...
US-1,005,8034 Combine harvester and associated method for gathering grain
A combine harvester is provided that separates grain material from material other than grain using multiple processing areas, including a harvesting area, a...
US-1,005,8033 Rake with shiftable cross member
The present invention is a rake, comprising a tongue assembly and a wheel assembly operably coupled to the tongue assembly and being rotationally shiftable...
US-1,005,8032 Mowing machine brake apparatus with slideable engagement
A brake apparatus for a mowing machine that includes a brake gear operatively rotatable with a rotatable member and a lock assembly for meshing with the brake...
US-1,005,8031 Lawn tractor with electronic drive and control system
A lawn tractor includes one or more sensors configured to detect an operational parameter of an aspect of the vehicle, and one or more controllers for...
US-1,005,8030 Portable hydraulic system for selective engagement to a piece of equipment
A light-weight portable hydraulic system for engagement with equipment requiring hydraulic fluid to operate. The system includes a reservoir; a pump and an oil...
US-1,005,8029 Vibration sensor unit
A vibration sensor unit (66) is provided with a vibration sensor (72) and with an electronic signal processing circuit (82) which derives from the signals of...
US-1,005,8028 Modular crop divider and base cutter arrangement for sugarcane harvesters
A sugarcane harvester may include a chassis with various discreet and laterally separated mounting locations. Crop divider support modules may be configured to...
US-1,005,8027 Agricultural harvester row unit
A row unit system for a corn header of an agricultural harvester, the row unit system including a plurality of row units and a plurality of chopper assemblies....
US-1,005,8026 Underground fertilizing system for irrigation system
A system and method for applying liquid based fertilizers and pesticides stored underground through an irrigation system includes a first irrigation system, a...
US-1,005,8025 In-line soluble media delivery system
The present disclosure is directed to an in-line soluble media delivery system. In at least one embodiment, the system may comprise a housing including an inlet...
US-1,005,8024 Plant transplanting device
The present invention provides a plant transplanting device that achieves rapid and stable transplantation with a simple structure and at low cost, prevents...
US-1,005,8023 Electronically pulsing agricultural product with seed utilizing seed transport mechanism
A system for electronically pulsing agricultural product with seed includes a seed transport mechanism affixed to a seed planter row unit. A seed sensing device...
US-1,005,8022 Flow control assembly for an agricultural metering system
A flow control assembly for an agricultural metering system includes a first gate control shaft configured to drive a first gate of a seed meter to transition...
US-1,005,8021 Seeder with metering system having selectively powered metering sections
An agricultural seeding machine includes a metering system and a damper arrangement. The metering system for the seeding machine includes selectively powered...
US-D827,244 Forklifts
US-D827,243 Crane
US-D827,242 Horizontal jack
US-D827,241 Vehicle parking lift
US-D827,240 Height adjustable rolling storage cart
US-D827,239 Drying rack
US-D827,238 Swimming pool leaf tool
US-D827,237 Vacuum cleaner base
US-D827,236 Clothing care machine
US-D827,235 Washing machine
US-D827,234 Door for washing machine
US-D827,233 Robot vacuum cleaner
US-D827,232 Vacuum cleaner
US-D827,231 Handheld vacuum cleaner
US-D827,230 Drum type washing machine
US-D827,229 Drum type washing machine
US-D827,228 Drum type washing machine
US-D827,227 Washing machine
US-D827,226 Washing machine
US-D827,225 Dishwasher
US-D827,224 Dishwasher
US-D827,223 Dish rack for dishwasher
US-D827,222 Door for dishwasher
US-D827,221 Dishwasher
US-D827,220 Door for dishwasher
US-D827,219 Pet toy
US-D827,218 Pet leash attachment
US-D827,217 Gel leash handle
US-D827,216 Paw boot for pet
US-D827,215 Saddle fastening device
US-D827,214 Quick snap curb strap
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