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Patent # Description
US-D844,966 Shoe
US-D844,965 Shoe
US-D844,964 Upper for a shoe
US-D844,963 Shoe upper
US-D844,962 Bicycle shoe cleat
US-D844,961 Children's shoe insert
US-D844,960 Shoe
US-D844,957 Shoe sole
US-D844,956 Shoe
US-D844,955 Shoe
US-D844,954 Shoe midsole
US-D844,953 Shoe sole
US-D844,952 Shoe sole
US-D844,951 Shoe with dual-outpatch sole
US-D844,950 Shoe with blue outpatch sole
US-D844,949 Shoe
US-D844,948 Shoe
US-D844,943 Water shoe
US-1,024,9151 Canine handler operations positioning system
The Canine Handler Operations Positioning System (the Inventors) taught by the present invention consists of one or more dog-worn sensor, one or more handler's...
US-1,024,7706 Method for ultrasonic inspection of irregular and variable shapes
System and method for enabling ultrasonic inspection of a variable and irregular shape. The system comprises one or more ultrasonic pulser/receivers, one or...
US-1,024,7255 Hub unit having a brake disc
A hub unit has a brake disc and a hub body disposed to rotate with a rim on which a tire is mounted. An internal space is formed in the hub body, wherein the...
US-1,024,5685 Box column assembly
Apparatus for assisting in weld assembling a box column from a tack-welded pre-assembly of planar plate components. The apparatus features (1) an elongate frame...
US-1,024,5499 Touring binding to be fitted to a gliding board
The present invention relates to a front unit of a touring binding, wherein the front unit comprises a bearing arrangement having a bearing element, wherein the...
US-1,024,5459 Sports training system and method
A physical training system includes a belt for fixing around the waist of a person and that includes a plurality of belt extension straps each adapted for...
US-1,024,4824 Heel protector
A shielding cup is provided for use with a self-fusing member or collapsible heat-concentrating accessory. The shielding cup is attached to a shoe heel as a...
US-1,024,4823 Shoe heel cup protection device
A shoe heel cup device including a ground contacting base portion and a resilient shoe heel engagement portion forming a unitary member, the resilient shoe heel...
US-1,024,4816 Sports shoe innerboot
Comfort element (1) for a sports shoe innerboot, comprising at least one thermoformable foam having at least two zones of different thickness and forming at...
US-1,024,4814 Modular shoe with interchangeable components and method of attachment
The modular shoe assembly described herein has a removable heel band. This allows a user to customize the shoe in limitless ways, as the heel bands can have any...
US-D844,794 Orthopaedic shoe mount
US-D844,350 Shoe rack
US-D844,316 Shoe tree
US-D844,313 Portion of a shoe
US-D844,312 Single-sole shoe with blue outpatch sole
US-D844,310 Shoe outsole
US-D844,309 Shoe outsole
US-D844,308 Shoe
US-D844,307 Shoe outsole
US-D844,306 Shoe
US-D844,305 Single-sole shoe with blue stripe and blue sole
US-1,024,2532 Blackjack gaming system
A system for playing blackjack requires a player or electronic system to: (i) receive a first bet from a player; (ii) deal an initial two-card hand to the...
US-1,024,1498 Customized, additive-manufactured outerwear and methods for manufacturing thereof
Described herein is customized outerwear created through additive manufacturing to provide for a plurality of materials, patterns and shapes that are customized...
US-1,024,1009 Device for measuring and comparing tire to pavement skid resistance
A manually operated portable device for comparing tire to pavement skid resistance under different tire to road contact conditions, wherein such device can be...
US-1,024,0459 Swash-plate hydraulic motor or swash-plate hydraulic pump
The present invention addresses the problem of providing a swash-plate hydraulic motor or a swash-plate hydraulic pump having a structure in which the swash...
US-1,024,0444 Modeling and analysis of hydraulic fracture propagation to surface from a casing shoe
A method of designing a well control operation includes obtaining sub-surface data related to a formation surrounding a well, building a geomechanical model of...
US-1,023,9500 Rail wheel cleaning system
The present concept is a rail wheel cleaning system which includes a base support plate, an adjusting assembly mounted on the base support plate, a sliding...
US-1,023,9391 Sliding apparatus for sunroof of an automobile
A sliding apparatus for a sunroof of an automobile including a shoe having a first channel and a second channel slidably connected to a rail, a guide block...
US-1,023,9350 Traction media and traction enhancing systems for dispensing such traction media
A traction media is provided that includes a plurality of axes having a distal origin point and proximal point termination surrounded by one or more faces thus...
US-1,023,8959 Interactive gaming apparel for interactive gaming
Apparel is disclosed that can be worn to assist an interactive game in tracking the movement of the wearer. More particularly, the apparel may include one or...
US-1,023,8316 Passive five sensor insole real-time feedback device
A feedback device determines when a person has placed enough weight upon his/her foot to safely take the next step, and then communicate that information to the...
US-1,023,8268 Shoe dryer
A shoe dryer includes a working surface for drying shoes, with holes in communication with air venting means, and is characterized in that the dryer further...
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