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Patent # Description
US-D670,491 Anti-slip sleeve for shoe
US-D670,489 Shoe outsole
US-D670,488 Shoe
US-D670,487 Shoe
US-D670,486 Shoe
US-D670,485 Shoe
US-D670,484 Shoe
US-D670,483 Shoe sole
US-D670,482 Shoe
US-D670,481 Shoe toe caps
US-D670,480 Shoe
US-D670,479 Shoe
US-8,304,462 Process for making polymer composites having thermoplastic properties
The present invention provides methods of making composite materials comprising combining particles of crosslinked rubber with one or more aqueous polymer...
US-8,304,461 Process for making polymer composites having thermoplastic properties
The present invention provides methods of making composite materials comprising combining particles of crosslinked rubber with coagulated aqueous polymer...
US-8,303,776 Shoe press belt
The invention relates to a shoe press belt comprising an elastomer polymer having nanoparticles attached therewith through covalent bonds.
US-8,303,523 Walking assist device
Provided is a walking assist device including a load transmit portion, a ground contacting portion capable of using a commercially available shoe, and a leg...
US-8,303,424 Shoe having a spring position limitation, or torsional oscillation damper having such a shoe
A shoe mounts an outer spring defining a longitudinal direction and an inner spring arranged within the outer spring. The outer and inner springs define...
US-8,302,985 Wheelchair footpad device
This invention relates to a footpad device that is removably attached to a wheelchair's footplate and more particularly to a footpad device specifically...
US-D670,075 Shoe accessory with transparent pocket
US-D670,074 Shoe pouch
US-D670,070 Shoe
US-8,299,147 Chemical resistant ionomers and protective coverings
This invention relates to novel chemical resistant, film forming, and moisture vapor permeable ionomers, including specialized polyurethane ionomers, polyurea...
US-8,297,692 Tiltable sun roof for vehicles
A vehicle sun roof device includes a panel for covering an opening in a roof of the vehicle. The panel can be moved horizontally to uncover the opening or...
US-8,297,380 Casing and liner drilling shoes having integrated operational components, and related methods
Casing shoes comprise a nose portion having an inner profile and an outer profile. At least one cutting structure is on the outer profile. A stem section...
US-8,296,972 Shoe and method of manufacturing the same
A shoe 1 of the present invention includes an upper 2 made of a stretchable fabric. The stretchable fabric is integrated with a sole 3 in a state of being...
US-8,296,969 Triple density gel heel cups
A triple density heel cup is disclosed which comprises a generally heel-shaped substrate having a length extending from a heel portion of an integral wall to a...
US-8,296,890 Method for providing a weathered shoe and the weathered shoe
The invention relates to a method for providing a shoe having the steps of providing an upper, a sole, and a stitching; washing the upper for achieving a...
US-D669,676 Shoe lace
US-D669,674 Insole for high heel shoes
US-D669,673 Shoe sole
US-D669,672 Shoe
US-D669,671 Shoe
US-D669,670 Shoe
US-D669,669 Shoe
US-D669,665 Shoe
US-8,294,058 Electric forge for heating horse shoes
The invention relates to a device for electrical resistance heating (1), said device being used to heat a metallic mass (3), such as horse shoes and the like,...
US-8,293,074 Systems and methods for cleaning and conditioning a moving surface using cleaning apparatus with plate elements...
A cleaning apparatus is disclosed for processing a moving surface. The cleaning apparatus includes at least one pad that is coupled to a support shoe. The...
US-8,293,056 Trim removal system
A system for removing chips from a web is disclosed, the system having a rotationally variable speed shoe for receiving a chip, a rotationally constant speed...
US-8,292,050 Electronic mechanical drum brake
Disclosed herein is an electronic mechanical drum brake. In the electronic mechanical drum brake including a drum rotated together with a wheel, a pair of brake...
US-8,291,830 Folding table
An improved folding table is distinguished by the following features: a locking means is provided, by means of which the table top (5) can be locked in the...
US-8,291,619 Skateboard shoes
A shoe comprising a single molded sole having a lateral section, positioned at a front outer portion of the sole, the lateral section made of a first rubber...
US-8,291,617 Cushioned athletic cleated shoes
A reinforcing elastic polymer, such as a urethane/rubber material, is selectively spray-applied over upper, midsole or outsole components of articles of...
US-8,291,616 Insole having a transparent portion and a sock liner portion
Insoles with sock liners are provided for shoes. An insole in accordance with the invention is most useful in a shoe that has a transparent portion in its sole,...
US-8,291,615 Inner sole structure for a sports shoe
An inner sole structure for a sports shoe includes an upper sheet, a lower sheet below the upper sheet, and a wavy corrugated sheet interposed between the upper...
US-8,291,614 Removable rounded midsole structures and chambers with computer processor-controlled variable pressure
This invention relates generally to footwear such as a shoe, including an athletic shoe, with a shoe sole, including at least one removable midsole section...
US-8,291,612 Heater element for the inner sole of a footwear
Disclosed is a breathable insole heater element (12, 40) for footwear. The heater element is formed by photochemically etching a porous metallized fabric, e.g....
US-D669,255 Portion of a shoe
US-D669,254 Portion of a shoe
US-8,290,191 Adapter shoe and a combination of adapter shoe and hearing aid
A combination of a hearing aid (1) and an adapter shoe (13), wherein the hearing aid has a pivotable battery compartment (6), and wherein the adapter shoe has...
US-8,286,638 Foot stabilizing device
A foot stabilizing device which can be extended from between a box springs and a mattress of a user's bed to support the user's foot in an elevated position...
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