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Patent # Description
US-8,215,035 Athletic shoe having an improved cleat arrangement and improved cleat
An athletic shoe having an improved cleat arrangement is provided. An improved cleat having a v-shape is also provided. An angled or v-cleat is provided near...
US-8,215,034 Active shoe cleat system
An active shoe cleat system with a shoe having a fluid filled chamber in the shoe operably connected to cleats on the bottom of the shoe, at least one fluid...
US-8,215,031 Sole structure for a shoe
A sole structure 1 for a shoe comprises an upper sheet portion 2 disposed on the upper side of the sole structure, and a plurality of curved sheet portions 3...
US-8,212,668 Apparatus and method for finding a misplaced object using a database and instructions generated by a portable...
The basic invention uses a portable device that can contain a camera, a database, and a text, voice or visual entry to control the storage of an image into a...
US-8,212,158 Weight measuring shoe having a retractable scale
A shoe containing two scales entirely housed within its sole, which scales may be deployed downward so that they project beneath the shoe's sole--making the...
US-8,209,887 Wear resistant support structures for utility equipment
The present invention relates to a wear shoe for use with utility equipment comprising a unitary housing having therein at least one cavity containing a wear...
US-8,209,885 Shoe assembly with non-linear viscous liquid
Shoes and shoe sole assemblies and associated methods of manufacture are disclosed herein. One aspect of the invention is directed toward a shoe and shoe sole...
US-8,209,884 Outside Opanka shoe construction
A shoe construction and a method for making a shoe wherein an outsole is provided with a raised lip extending around a periphery of the outsole, and an upper is...
US-8,209,882 Actively ventilated shoe
The invention relates to an article of footwear, in particular a sports shoe, wherein the article of footwear includes a ventilation system with at least one...
US-D662,703 Shoe lace ornament
US-D662,701 Shoe bottom
US-D662,700 Shoe bottom
US-D662,699 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D662,696 Luminescent portions of a shoe
US-D662,695 Shoe
US-8,207,073 Highly water pressure-resistant polyester nonwoven fabric
A highly water pressure-resistant polyester nonwoven fabric having a water pressure resistance of 2 kPA or more and composed of a laminated nonwoven fabric...
US-8,206,790 Polyurea coatings for golf equipment
A polyurea-based curable coating for use with sports equipment, such as golf balls, golf shoes, golf clubs, footballs, billiard balls, baseballs, and the like,...
US-8,206,219 Interactive gaming apparel for interactive gaming
Apparel is disclosed that can be worn to assist an interactive game in tracking the movement of the wearer. More particularly, the apparel may include one or...
US-8,206,037 Linear guide
A linear guide, which has at least one approximately U-shaped carriage with side limbs that engage at least partially over a guide rail, at least two...
US-8,205,884 Intelligent baccarat shoe
A method of controlling a game of Baccarat, the method including the steps of providing a card delivery shoe equipped with a sensor capable of reading at least...
US-8,205,693 Casing and liner drilling shoes having selected profile geometries, and related methods
A casing bit, which may comprise a composite structure, for drilling a casing section into a subterranean formation, and which may include a portion configured...
US-8,205,357 Interchangeable midsole system
Exemplary embodiments of the invention provide a shoe assembly having at least an outsole portion and a midsole portion, the midsole portion is removably...
US-8,205,355 Sole structure for a sports shoe
A sole structure for a sports shoe includes a wavy corrugated plate that is disposed at a heel region of the sole structure and that has corrugations around the...
US-8,205,354 Sole for shoes of the waterproof and vapor-permeable type, and shoe provided with said sole
A sole for shoes, of waterproof and vapor-permeable type, including a lower element of plastic material, with formed thereon a tread with multiple through...
US-D662,310 Shoe upper
US-D662,309 Shoe upper and periphery
US-D662,308 Upper for a shoe
US-D662,307 Upper for a shoe
US-D662,306 Upper for a shoe
US-D662,302 Shoe upper
US-D662,301 Shoe upper and periphery
US-D662,300 Shoe upper
US-D662,299 Shoe upper
US-D662,298 Upper for a shoe
US-D662,296 Shoe bottom
US-D662,295 Shoe bottom
US-D662,294 Shoe
US-D662,293 Shoe outsole and periphery
US-D662,292 Shoe
US-D662,291 Toe protector shoe
US-8,202,239 Ankle derotation and subtalar stabilization orthosis
The invention is an ankle derotation and subtalar stabilization system that incorporates a pivoting adjustable-tension oblique tether strap that is anchored to...
US-8,201,366 Taper lock system
A glass locking system of locking a glass panel within a base shoe having side walls, comprising a first tapered plate having a first end and a second end. The...
US-8,201,348 Studded footwear
A shoe stud and receptacle, the shoe stud including a ground-engaging part and the two components are adapted to be secured together by a multi-start threaded...
US-8,201,347 Shoe construction with attachable components
A shoe construction enables a user to attach or interchange shoe components for improving function and or appearance of the shoe construction. The shoe...
US-8,201,346 Medical shoe system
A system, method, and apparatus for treating a foot using a medical shoe and interchangeable insoles. A plurality of interchangeable insoles is provided,...
US-8,201,338 Positioning device used in antenna testing system and a method of accurately positioning a testing antenna
A positioning device, used in antenna's testing system, includes a crane, a fastening device, a testing antenna and a laser generator. The crane includes a...
US-D661,888 Decorative butterflies and the placement of the decorative butterflies on a pair of shoes
US-D661,887 Shoe upper
US-D661,886 Shoe upper
US-D661,885 Shoe upper
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