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Patent # Description
US-8,065,817 Cushioning apparatus for ambulatory use
According to the principles of the first embodiment of the present invention, a midsole of a shoe comprising an integral midsole, an outer sole with transparent...
US-D649,337 Shoe outsole
US-D649,336 Shoe outsole
US-D649,335 Shoe outsole
US-D649,334 Shoe spike attachable cover
US-RE42,965 Anti-slip overshoe
An overshoe that is removably disposable on a user's shoe and provides a tread surface that enhances the user's footing on slippery surfaces. The tread surface...
US-8,065,105 Device and method for improving human motor function
A system including a platform having a receptacle adapted to a bottom of a shoe or foot; securing mechanism, associated therewith; a sole for contacting a...
US-8,061,009 Method and apparatus for connecting several cables with a component and a rivet bushing therefore
In the case of the method of the invention, the cables of a cable harness are preassembled on a metallic rivet bushing by the cable harness manufacturer in that...
US-D648,931 Women's shoe
US-D648,930 Ladies shoes
US-D648,926 Shoe
US-8,058,757 Electric motor with passive integral brake
An electric motor (102) with passive integral brake (104) includes a stator (204) with one or more magnetic field controllable coils (206) and a rotor (208)...
US-8,057,542 Ossicular prosthesis having helical coil
An ossicular prosthesis includes a proximal end provided with an open conically helical coil for engaging a first ossicular structure, and a distal bell head,...
US-8,057,333 Series spring blade tensioner
A blade tensioner includes a blade shoe assembly with parallel stacked flat springs that pivots at one end and is supported in series by a spring loaded ramp at...
US-8,057,128 Truss shoe with wedge retaining sleeve and method of assembling same
A truss shoe for a roof support system includes a bolt receiving section, an intermediate section, and a cable engaging section. The cable receiving section has...
US-8,056,773 Assembly of a tapping keg with a neck and a connecting device and parts therefor
An assembly of a tapping keg with neck and a connecting device for placement on the neck. In the neck is at least one valve. The neck is provided with an...
US-8,056,682 Bicycle brake device
A bicycle brake device includes a holder arm having a pivot shaft for attaching to a rear fork, two brake caliper having middle portions pivotally attached to...
US-8,056,265 Shoe tying aid and method
A shoe can be tied using only one hand if provided with a tying aid in the form of a generally T-shaped unit comprising a leg having two laterally extending...
US-8,056,264 Upper structure for a shoe
An upper structure for a shoe improves a fit of the heel portion during heel contact with the ground to the push off motion of a foot. The upper structure...
US-8,056,262 Shoe system with a resilient shoe insert
A first load (L1) is put on the upper leg (606) to create a contact area (619) between the front segment (610) and the front segment (618). The contact area...
US-8,056,260 Goodyear waterproof shoe
A Goodyear waterproof shoe includes a main body stitched with a shoe collar and having a bottom portion coupled sequentially with a filler plate, a thin sole,...
US-8,056,259 Air cushion shoe sole
An air cushion shoe has an air chamber at an upper surface of a front side of a main body. An air passageway extends from the air chamber to an air inlet. Air...
US-8,056,149 Combination sock and shoe
A combination sock and shoe includes a shoe sole, an exterior sock that is secured to the shoe sole, an intermediate sock positioned inside the exterior sock,...
US-D648,519 Shoe upper
US-D648,518 Shoe upper
US-D648,517 Portion of a shoe sole
US-D648,516 Shoe bottom
US-D648,515 Shoe bottom with conical toe base components
US-D648,514 Shoe midsole
US-D648,513 Pair of shoes
US-8,052,519 Systems, methods and articles to facilitate lockout of selectable odds/advantage in playing card games
The setting of desired house odds and/or house advantage may be locked out based on manual indications, for example from a dealer, and/or based on automatically...
US-8,052,213 Seat with adjustable seat occupant support assembly and integrally formed seat shell therefor
The present invention is directed to an adjustable seat occupant support assembly for a seat, such as a vehicle seat, which employs a drive equipped with an arm...
US-8,051,794 Rowing boat footrest assembly
A rowing boat footrest assembly includes a footrest member coupled to a boat structure and a shoe retaining mechanism supported to the footrest member. The shoe...
US-8,051,584 Shoe heel assembly and method
A shoe outsole has a heel post extending outwardly therefrom. An outer heel cover has a hole for receiving the heel post in an assembled position. The heel post...
US-D648,118 Detachable upper for a shoe
US-D648,117 Shoe upper
US-D648,116 Shoe upper
US-D648,115 Shoe upper
US-D648,114 Shoe upper
US-D648,113 Shoe upper
US-D648,112 Shoe upper
US-D648,111 Shoe upper
US-D648,110 Shoe upper
US-D648,109 Shoe upper
US-D648,103 Golfer shoes
US-8,048,269 Forming section
A forming section has a lower wire loop (11), which constitutes a single-wire section (T) following a breast roll (12). A first dewatering zone (Z1) has at...
US-8,047,081 Flow monitoring apparatus having an ultrasonic sensor with a coupling adapter having securing mechanism
An apparatus for ascertaining, and/or monitoring, volume-or mass-flow of a medium flowing through a pipeline in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the...
US-8,046,936 Removable shoe heel assembly for women's footwear
A removable shoe heel assembly that allows removal of a woman's shoe or boot heel, preferably a circular shaped housing unit configured to the underside of a...
US-8,043,173 Sports training system
A training system used in sports or other training that where a participant wears a device with a visual indicator such as a device emitting colored light and...
US-8,042,212 Manufacturing system for assembled shoe with shock-absorbing insert in the heel
The present invention relates to a manufacturing system of an assembled shoe or moccasin. The system incorporates a shock-absorbing insert inserted in a space...
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