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Patent # Description
US-D614,857 Shoe tree
US-D614,855 Shoe lace system
US-D614,854 Flap on shoe tongue
US-D614,853 Flap on shoe tongue
US-D614,852 Shoe upper
US-D614,851 Shoe upper
US-D614,850 Shoe upper
US-D614,849 Shoe midsole
US-D614,848 Shoe upper
US-D614,846 Shoe upper
US-D614,841 Shoe sole
US-D614,840 Shoe sole
US-D614,839 Shoe sole
US-D614,838 Sole of a shoe for motorcycling
US-D614,836 Cover for cleated shoe
US-7,707,105 Authorizing financial transactions
An account associated with a card is characterized by one or more budgetary items (collectively contained within a budget) that may be created by the card...
US-7,706,067 Decelerating and locking mechanism for a projection screen and the manually operated projection screen using...
The present invention provides a manually operated projection screen having a decelerating and locking mechanism which intergrates a decelerating mechanism and a...
US-7,706,028 Apparatus and method for scanning an object
A scanner has a plurality of cameras positioned around an object to be scanned. The object is illuminated by unstructured light and the object is covered by a...
US-7,704,435 Apparatus and method for utilizing a universal plunger
An assembly, for stripping a medium from a mold cavity according to one embodiment of the present invention, may include a stripper shoe, a head structure, and a...
US-7,704,350 Press belt and shoe press roll
A press belt (2) comprises both-end corresponding regions B positioned so as to correspond to both ends of a press roll (1) or a press shoe (3) in a width...
US-7,704,337 Method for making a slide member
A sliding surface 4A of a shoe 4 undergoes laser radiation in a shape of a large number of parallel lines to form a large number of swollen portions 6 and...
US-7,704,105 Installation control unit with a connecting terminal arrangement
An installation switch having a housing and a connecting arrangement for a conductor having a terminal shoe. The connecting arrangement includes a socket having...
US-7,703,863 Track shoe assembly for tracked vehicle
Track shoe assembly for a tracked vehicle, comprising a) a track shoe member with a chassis assembly having a pair of tubular housings (80) connected by a spaced...
US-7,703,582 Device for adjusting a dual-servo drum brake with internal shoes
A device for adjusting a dual-servo brake with internal shoes (9) being supported on a shoe-holder plate (2) so as perform floating selfreinforcing or automatic...
US-7,703,220 Woven shoe with integral lace loops
An article of footwear includes a woven region. A fit adjustment system includes a lace strap superimposed with strands of material forming the woven region. The...
US-7,703,219 Shoe inner sole
An inner sole for a shoe, the inner sole having a heel portion, a mid-area portion, a metatarsal portion, a metatarsal/toe transition portion and a toe portion....
US-D614,392 Shoe upper
US-D614,391 Shoe upper
US-D614,390 Shoe upper
US-D614,389 Shoe upper
US-D614,388 Shoe upper
US-D614,387 Shoe upper
US-D614,386 Shoe upper
US-D614,385 Shoe upper
US-D614,384 Shoe upper
US-D614,383 Portion of a shoe
US-7,700,021 Shoe bottom having interspersed materials
A shoe (and fabrication techniques therefor) on which is provided a bottom portion that includes a sole portion and a heel portion and that has a bottom surface...
US-7,699,694 System including card game dispensing shoe and method
A system and method including card game dispensing shoe includes a scanner that discerns the value and suit of each card dispensed, and includes a CPU and a...
US-7,699,387 Shading device for vehicle roofs with transparent element
The present invention consists of a concealment device for vehicle roofs with a transparent element comprising a group of technical solutions in the blocking...
US-7,698,836 System and method for securing accessories to clothing
A system and method for securing accessories to shoes and other articles of clothing is described. One illustrative embodiment is a system for attaching a...
US-7,698,835 Footwear with a bladder type stabilizer
A stability device that increases foot security on the footbed of a shoe, provides lateral or medial stability, shock dampening, and optimizes flexibility. The...
US-7,698,834 Shoe with interchangeable vamp and base
Disclosed is a shoe system comprising an interchangeable shoe base and vamp. The shoe base has a rim piece on the outer edge of the shoe base that interlocks...
US-D613,937 Shoe upper
US-D613,936 Shoe upper
US-D613,935 Shoe upper
US-D613,934 Shoe upper
US-D613,933 Shoe upper
US-7,698,101 Smart garment
A sensor authenticated to a garment transfers information, either wirelessly or wired, to an external data processing device. Such information includes location...
US-7,694,801 Driving assembly for driving panels and plate elements to processing stations
A driving assembly for driving panels and plate elements in general to be processed comprises a central framework for supporting a driving chain continuously...
US-7,694,438 Article of footwear having an adjustable ride
An article of footwear has an upper and a sole. The sole has an upper sole member, a lower sole member, and at least one inflatable bladder disposed between the...
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