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Patent # Description
US-7,572,508 Polyurea coatings for golf equipment
A polyurea-based curable coating for use with sports equipment, such as golf balls, golf shoes, golf clubs, footballs, billiard balls, baseballs, and the like,...
US-7,571,903 Mobile hopper system
A hopper assembly is provided including a hopper, a hopper base, the hopper being detachable from the hopper base, and a hopper shoe, the hopper shoe being...
US-7,571,556 Heel grid system
An athletic shoe sole construction having a grid system forming a lattice pattern designed to resiliently support a foot and deflect downwardly upon foot imposed...
US-7,571,555 Pneumatically cushioned shoe sole
A pneumatically cushioned shoe sole for use with virtually any type of shoe, comprising a u-shaped outsold with inlet tubes connected via a transfer tube, an...
US-D597,733 Golf shoe
US-7,568,564 Drum-in-hat torque limiter
A parking brake having first and second brake shoes with first ends that engages an anchor on a backing plate and second ends that engages an adjuster. An...
US-7,568,299 Shoe insert
A shoe insert (10) which includes a sheet-like pad (12). The pad (12) defines an upper surface (18) and a lower surface (20) and has a generally pointed shape...
US-D597,294 Shoe upper
US-D597,289 Shoe outsole
US-D597,288 Shoe outsole
US-D597,287 Shoe sole
US-D597,286 Pair of shoe soles
US-D597,284 Infant shoe
US-D596,838 Portion of a shoe
US-D596,836 Shoe outsole
US-D596,835 Shoe outsole
US-7,562,761 Slat driven positive displacement sorter
An article sorter is made up of a web defined by a plurality of interconnected, laterally elongated, slats. An upper portion of the web defines a longitudinally...
US-7,562,470 Shoe with wraparound lacing
The present invention provides a wraparound lacing system for use in all manner of footwear. The lacing system includes a lace which encircles the upper and...
US-7,562,468 Removable rounded midsole structures and chambers with computer processor-controlled variable pressure
This invention relates generally to footwear such as a shoe, including an athletic shoe, with a shoe sole, including at least one removable midsole section...
US-D596,390 Decorative shoe accessory
US-D596,389 Shoe upper
US-D596,387 Sole for a shoe or boot
US-D596,385 Shoe outsole
US-7,560,840 Rotor arrangement for a unilateral transverse flux machine with flux concentration
A rotor arrangement for a unilateral transverse flux machine with flux concentration which is in interaction via an air gap with a coaxially arranged stator...
US-7,559,717 Subterranean conduit cover
Provided herein are covers useful for covering the open end of an access conduit that may contain fluid control equipment. A cover according to the invention...
US-7,559,536 Structural glass railing base shoe design
A base shoe that uses a simple internal clamp system that makes initial installation and removal a very simple process. This system eliminates the need for grout...
US-7,559,428 Gun rack
A gun rack comprising a plurality of swivel shoes and a plate or disc, wherein each swivel shoe is pivotally attached on either side to a bracket on the plate or...
US-7,559,158 Enhanced construction of inflatable inserts for articles of footwear
An improved method of providing direct contact of inflated inserts to user's feet, comprising the steps of modifying present manufacturing procedures and...
US-7,559,157 Vapor-permeable and waterproof sole for shoes
A vapor-permeable and waterproof sole for shoes, particularly but not exclusively for open shoes such as sandals, sabots and the like. The sole includes a lower...
US-7,559,127 Shoe clip
A shoe clip (100) includes two members (10, 12) that attach together in positions above and beneath shoe laces (20), to grip the shoe laces (20) between them and...
US-D595,951 Portion of a shoe
US-D595,950 Shoe upper
US-D595,949 Golf shoe upper
US-D595,948 Golf shoe upper
US-D595,947 Golf shoe upper
US-D595,946 Golf shoe upper
US-D595,945 Golf shoe upper
US-D595,944 Shoe insole
US-D595,941 Shoe sole
US-D595,940 Shoe
US-D595,939 Shoe
US-7,557,966 Apparatus and method for scanning an object
A scanner has a plurality of cameras positioned around an object to be scanned. The object is illuminated by unstructured light and the object is covered by a...
US-7,556,280 Binding mechanism for providing a pivoting connection for a sports shoe to a board-type gliding device
The invention describes a binding mechanism (1) for providing a pivotably moving connection of a sports shoe (2) to a board-type gliding device (3), in...
US-7,555,852 Snowshoe binding with contoured base
A binding for a snowshoe has an injection molded base or footbed with integral control wings for cradling the shoe generally as in U.S. Pat. No. 5,259,128. The...
US-7,555,850 Crampon
The present invention relates to a crampon having a movable spike element in the rotation structure for both walking or climbing to improve walking convenience...
US-7,555,849 Footwear and insole therefor
An article of footwear is provided in which the footbed is formed from a shoe last which is considerably thicker at the metatarsal region than conventional...
US-7,555,847 Device for suspending a foot within a shoe and shoes incorporating such devices
An improved sole construction for use in shoes. The sole construction consists of a hammock-like lattice formed of medium to high modulus polymers, or a...
US-D595,500 Shoe upper
US-D595,499 Shoe upper
US-D595,498 Shoe upper
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