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Patent # Description
US-D587,438 Outsole for a shoe
US-D587,437 Outsole for a shoe
US-D587,436 Shoe
US-D587,435 Shoe
US-7,494,571 Belt for shoe press
A belt for a shoe-press of a paper machine having water drain grooves which are resistant to the occurrence of cracks in side walls of the water drain grooves....
US-7,494,341 Farrier training system
A farrier training system includes an artificial leg portion attached to an artificial hoof portion. The hoof portion is removably attached to the lower end of...
US-7,494,237 Multiple programmed different sequential illumination light sources for footwear
The present invention generally relates to a shoe having an incorporated light source. The light source includes a plurality of LEDs composed of several...
US-7,494,106 Panel for a round form
A form panel for a round form comprises a form skin, on a backside of which vertically extending profile rails are disposed, with which horizontally extending...
US-7,493,926 Forced air ventilation system for footwear
A shoe ventilation system for footwear that includes a shoe and a shoe ventilation device. The shoe includes a fitting for connecting to a pressurized air or gas...
US-7,493,707 Low-cost disposable protective foot covering
Low-cost, single-use, disposable foot coverings and a method of using them to facilitate the protection of the feet of individuals who remove their shoes and...
US-7,493,706 Shoe with cushion and ventilation device
Provided is a shoe with a cushion and ventilation device. The cushion and ventilation device includes an air pump having an air discharge tube provided at its...
US-D587,055 Shoe skirt
US-D587,002 Shoe upper
US-D587,001 Shoe upper
US-D587,000 Shoe upper
US-D586,999 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D586,994 Shoe outsole
US-D586,991 Shoe sole
US-D586,989 Golf shoe outsole
US-D586,988 Outsole for a shoe
US-D586,987 Outsole for a shoe
US-D586,985 Shoe upper
US-D586,984 Pair of women's shoes
US-D586,983 Shoe
US-7,492,271 Method and device for monitoring the condition of shoe roll
The condition of a shoe roll is monitored by a device which continuously analyzes the lubricant used in a lubrication system (14) integrated with the shoe roll....
US-7,491,053 Tamperhead for use in production of molded products
The present invention relates to a tamperhead structure including metal and/or non-metal components. The structure may include a top plate and a bottom plate...
US-7,490,814 Cable pulling machine
A cable pulling machine of the invention includes a frame, a mechanical linkage including first and second links having first and second cable gripping shoes...
US-7,490,702 Parking and emergency brake actuator for a drum-in-hat disc brake assembly
A drum-in-hat disc brake assembly has a disc service brake and a drum-in-hat parking and emergency brake, and includes a backing plate, a pair of parking and...
US-7,490,676 Method and system for tubing a borehole in single diameter
The invention concerns a method for casing a borehole which consists of successively lowering an unlimited plurality of strings of casing having a common...
US-7,490,418 Footwear with manually extendable spikes
A shoe provides a gear assembly mounted within a heel portion, the gear assembly providing an actuator gear communicating with a plurality of drive gears....
US-7,490,416 Shoe with cushioning and speed enhancement midsole components and method for construction thereof
An athletic shoe, in particular a running shoe, having improved cushioning and energy returning properties that vary depending upon the speed of the runner due...
US-D586,548 Shoe upper
US-D586,547 Shoe
US-D586,544 Shoe sole
US-D586,543 Shoe sole
US-D586,542 Outsole for a shoe
US-7,487,992 Snowboarding binding
Snowboard binding (1), comprising a base (2) on which a foot-gripping strap (10) is mounted, and in which strap (10) is capable of moving around a transversal...
US-7,487,606 Functional shoe
Disclosed herein is a functional shoe, capable of applying micro current to the sole. The shoe includes a micro-current generating part, an acupressure part, and...
US-7,487,605 Footwear for gripping and kicking a ball
A shoe upper (11) including one or more resiliently deformable protrusions (17, 19) extending from an outer surface of the shoe upper and positioned for contact...
US-7,487,604 Soccer shoe component or insert made of one material and/or a composite and/or laminate of one or more...
An insert for soccer shoes absorbs and store energy from the foot at foot-strike and return some of this energy to the object being struck. The insert may also...
US-7,487,602 Climate configurable sole and shoe
Disclosed are articles of footwear and soles therefor, in particular sports shoe soles that include openings for ventilation and vapor exchange. The soles...
US-D586,110 Shoe
US-D586,093 Shoe outsole
US-D586,092 Shoe outsole
US-D586,089 Shoe
US-7,485,682 Thermoplastic elastomer composition
The present invention relates to a soft thermoplastic elastomer composition that is free of thermoplastic resin that can be utilized in manufacturing shoe sole...
US-7,484,320 Fastening arrangement
An attachment bracket for fastening an item to a shoe that is provided with a shoestring includes a bottom part, which can be fitted on top of the set of...
US-7,484,319 Shoe insole
An insole providing cushioning and control of foot motion. The insole includes a stability cradle and a number of pods on the underside of the insole core or...
US-7,484,318 Therapeutic shoe sole design, method for manufacturing the same, and products constructed therefrom
A therapeutic device includes a supporting member that continuously and flexibly supports and bounds a plurality of small sized hard surfaced force members that...
US-7,484,317 Sole structure for a shoe
A sole structure is provided that can improve cushioning and bending properties of the sole heel portion. The sole assembly 1 is formed of an upper plate 2...
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