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Patent # Description
US-7,281,612 Brake structure for a roll-up door
A brake structure for a roll-up door includes a brake drum fixed to a transmission shaft of a speed reducer. The brake drum receives a pair of brake shoes in...
US-7,281,465 Compressor piston ball pocket coating
The invention is applied to a compressor assembly wherein a coating is applied to the pocket in the piston for sliding engagement with a shoe for reciprocating...
US-7,281,339 Encoder system
A structure and associated method to accurately read an encoder tape in an encoder system. The encoder system comprises, a read head, a shoe structure adjacent...
US-D552,842 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D552,837 Shoe sole
US-D552,834 Shoe sleeve
US-D552,833 Shoe
US-D552,832 Shoe
US-D552,831 Walking shoe
US-7,278,495 Horseshoe
A horseshoe includes a thin, resilient member, embedded in a moldable material such as plastic or composite. Due to this dual construction, the horseshoe is...
US-7,278,445 Shoe having an inflatable bladder
An article of footwear including a sole and an upper with an exterior and interior surface, and one or more bladders which comprises at least one of the exterior...
US-7,278,227 Conditioning shoe and method of use
An conditioning article of footwear for exercise, strength training, or physical therapy having a foot support platform with either straps or an upper shoe...
US-D552,809 Handheld shoe cleaning device
US-D552,343 Sensor case for attachment to a shoe
US-D552,337 Spikeless sole for golf shoe
US-D552,336 Golf shoe outsole
US-D552,334 Shoe sole
US-D552,333 Outsole for a shoe
US-7,277,021 Device and method for alerting a runner when a new pair of running shoes is needed
A device and method are provided for determining the wear of a sole of a shoe. The device includes first and second sensors receivable in the sole of the shoe....
US-7,276,458 Anti-ballistic fabric or other substrate
The invention provides a composite textile or material comprising a substrate of high strength fibers, and having a natural or synthetic diamond coating bonded...
US-7,275,605 Rotatable drill shoe
A rotatable drilling shoe attachable to a section of casing that allows for drilling and casing of a well bore in a single trip. The drilling shoe includes a...
US-7,275,492 Anchor rope lock
An anchor rope lock that locks the rope in response to tension exerted by the anchor, and that unlocks the rope for retrieval or adjustment in response to...
US-7,275,337 Shoe with a composite insole
Shoe comprising an upper (30), a sole (50) and an insole (40; 140), characterized in that it uses an insole (40) formed by at least one element (20; 120) of soft...
US-D551,844 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D551,843 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D551,842 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D551,840 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D551,832 Shoe sole
US-7,272,900 Balancing appliance for footwear item
A balancing disc or appliance for use in with a shoe insole, or biomechanical device, such as an ankle or foot brace, for balancing the gait of a user is defined...
US-7,272,899 Exchangeable strap shoes
Shoes that are made to allow straps to be attached, removed, covered, or exchanged so that many different looks can be achieved. A properly equipped shoe base...
US-7,272,898 Shoe protection device
A shoe protection device comprises a metal or plastic member having an arcuate backwall and integrally formed sidewalls which project toward curved distal ends....
US-D551,433 Shoe sole
US-D551,431 Football shoe
US-7,270,343 Flexible connection between sports device and shoe
The invention describes a pivotable binding system (1) for mounting between a sports device (2) and a tread surface (5) for a user's foot, in which the tread...
US-7,270,220 Thermo clip in an adjustor mechanism for a drum brake
An adjuster arrangement for maintaining first and second brake shoes of a brake between a minimum and a maximum clearance with respect to a drum. The adjuster...
US-7,269,916 Shoe sole provided with retractable anti-slipping means
A sole (6) for anti-slipping shoes of the type including foldaway anti-slipping elements (12) arranged in the face of the sole that will come in touch with the...
US-7,269,915 Shoe with built in micro-fan
The present invention relates to a shoe with a built in micro fan located on the shoe covering, such as above the toe area, to provide air circulation and...
US-D550,948 Shoe tongue with two densities of foam
US-D550,947 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D550,946 Shoe
US-D550,942 Shoe
US-D550,941 Shoe heel
US-D550,940 Shoe outsole
US-D550,939 Outsole for a shoe
US-D550,937 Shoe
US-D550,935 Shoe
US-D550,934 Shoe
US-D550,933 Shoe
US-7,267,657 System and method for correcting club foot problems in children
A system and method for comfortably restraining a child's feet undergoing the Ponseti method for treatment of club feet, using a foot and ankle abduction...
US-7,267,543 Gated feed shoe
A feed shoe having at least one feed chamber with an open bottom portion and an open front portion whereat a gate is provided. The gate can be vertically...
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