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Patent # Description
US-7,219,771 Elevator counter weight
An elevator counterweight comprises a counterweight frame constructed from several vertical beams and at least three horizontal crossbars wherein the vertical...
US-7,219,451 Cyclist's shoe with a cleat for retaining the shoe on an automatic securement pedal
A cyclist's shoe includes a sole provided with a device for securing a retaining cleat of the shoe on an automatic cycle pedal. The device has first securement...
US-7,219,450 Shoe support system
An exemplary shoe support system is provided to facilitate a support of an ankle of a foot. The support system can include a sole inliner, a coupling, a back...
US-7,219,447 Spring cushioned shoe
A sole assembly for an article of footwear comprises a midsole, a sole having a heel region, and a first wave spring disposed within a vacuity located within the...
US-7,219,445 Locking mechanism for securing detachable shoe uppers
The invention relates to an attachment mechanism and system used to accessorize, ustomize and/or personalize footwear with interchangeable uppers or straps,...
US-7,219,443 Protective booties and leggings
Protective footgear are provided which are fabricated of stiff but flexible fabrics such as canvas with the sole and at least lower portions at least partially...
US-7,219,434 Metal cutting circular saw with integral sight window
A metal cutting circular saw is provided with an upper blade guard which includes a first sight window disposed in a first side surface and disposed in a plane...
US-7,219,383 Process for creating a pair of athletic shoes
Method 10 discloses a process for creating a pair of athletic shoes having cleats thereon. The process is comprised of taking a first pair of athletic shoes 14...
US-D543,017 Shoe
US-D543,015 Shoe
US-RE39,638 Hanging shoe rack
A hanging shoe rack for supporting shoes in an angular manner. A pair of side frame members having an elongate body section. A plurality of support arms project...
US-7,216,940 Adaptation of TMX for axle motion III truck application
An apparatus engageable with a railway vehicle truck-mounted braking system for compensating for truck bolster movement which includes at least one force...
US-7,216,555 System and method for mobile soil sampling
A soil sampling implement and method have a sampler assembly supported from an implement frame for movement across a field. The sampler assembly includes a...
US-7,216,443 Elevated support matrix for a shoe and method of manufacture
Disclosed is an elevated support matrix for a shoe, which may either form a sole, heel, or sole and heel combination. The matrix is formed of metal, or other...
US-D542,522 Shoe midsole
US-D542,521 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D542,518 Shoe upper
US-D542,517 Shoe
US-D542,516 Outsole of a shoe
US-D542,515 Jock shoe wrap sole design
US-D542,514 Stock wedge shoe
US-D542,513 Frill shoe bottom design
US-7,214,337 Foam core in-line skate frame
A method of constructing a skate frame for an in-line skate is provided. The method includes forming a first skin on a mold and positioning core material on the...
US-7,213,812 Intelligent baccarat shoe
A method of controlling the game of baccarat is disclosed, the method including the steps of providing a card delivery shoe equipped with a sensor capable of...
US-7,213,629 Vacuum assisted ply placement shoe and method
A device for placing a ply on a substrate surface includes a vacuum manifold assembly configured for attachment to a vacuum source and a substrate seal...
US-7,213,354 Footwear with display element
An article of footwear includes an outsole, a midsole, an insole, and a display element having a shape and a thickness. The display element shape can be...
US-7,213,352 Pain-relieving outsole for footwear or heel shoe
This invention is the special sole construction, comprising an upper sole, an internal suspension support, a lower sole, a chamber and a U-support. It is used...
US-7,213,351 Waterproofed and breathable sole for shoes and manufacturing method thereof
A waterproofed and breathable sole (10) for shoes, characterized in that it comprises a tread (11) made of leather or similar breathable and water-permeable...
US-7,213,350 Shock reducing footwear
An insert having opposed permanent magnets is placed between upper and lower portions of a shoe sole to soften impacts and improve propulsion. The upper and...
US-D542,482 Dog shoe
US-D542,019 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D542,016 Combined shoe bottom and periphery
US-D542,015 Outsole for a shoe
US-D542,014 Outsole for a shoe
US-D542,013 Shoe
US-D542,012 Shoe
US-D542,011 Shoe
US-D542,010 Shoe
US-7,212,885 System for selecting and retrieving shoes from an automated shoe rack
Shoe organization and selection system whereby a person can easily and conveniently find a pair of shoes desired from their closet by selecting the shoe from a...
US-7,211,211 Method for manufacturing a shoe
In order to produce a shoe, an outsole is firstly inserted in a hollow mold. This outsole has fixing means, which are formed by upwardly projecting neps and...
US-7,210,494 Valve and method for producing a valve
A valve and a method for producing a valve, in particular for coolant circuits, having a valve seat (2) including a valve seating element (1) for a valve body...
US-7,210,253 Massage shoes capable of increasing circulation of blood
A massage shoe comprises a controller and a shoe body. The inner foot supporting surface of the shoe body is provided with a plurality of conducting sheets,...
US-7,210,251 Shoe with interchangeable covers
The shoe with interchangeable covers is a modified pair of women's shoes consisting of a base, a sole with a removable heel, and a cover which is attached to the...
US-7,210,248 Shoe ventilation system
Disclosed is a ventilation system for articles of footwear. The ventilation system includes at least one opening in the shoe upper and at least one guiding...
US-D541,522 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D541,521 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D541,520 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D541,518 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D541,516 Golf shoe upper
US-D541,515 Golf shoe upper
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