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Patent # Description
US-1,007,7512 Method for knitting integral shoe upper fabric by circular knitting machine and integral shoe upper fabric thereof
An integral shoe upper fabric, knitted by a round knitting machine from at least one non-elastic yarn, includes: a first reserved suture section including a...
US-1,007,6460 Method and apparatus for improving human balance and gait and preventing foot injury
A method and wearable system and for enhancing human balance and gait and preventing foot injury through neurological stimulation of the foot and the ankle....
US-1,007,6153 Thermal protection system and related compositions of matter
A thermal protection system is disclosed herein. In various aspects, the thermal protection system includes an insert. The insert may include a first layer and...
US-D828,686 Shoe
US-D828,685 Upper for a shoe
US-D828,683 Shoe with illuminable heel light sequence
US-D828,682 Upper for a shoe
US-1,007,1237 Systems and methods for therapeutic electrical stimulation
In various embodiments, the invention disclosed herein provides systems, devices and methods for providing electrical stimulation to a patient. An electrical...
US-1,007,1201 Disease testing and therapeutic device and remote monitoring shoes
The invention discloses a detection and therapeutic device and remote monitoring shoes. The detection and therapeutic device comprises a power supply module (a)...
US-1,007,0692 Heeled footwear and method of producing heeled footwear
A heeled footwear such as a shoe or boot includes a sole assembly and a heel part, wherein the heel part includes an insert formed in a first material. The...
US-1,007,0687 Article of footwear and a part thereof
The invention relates to a sole, midsole, insole or sole insert for an article of footwear, such as a shoe or a boot, sandal, trainer or wellington boot. The...
US-1,007,0682 Method for monitoring an individual's motor load and insole for the implementation thereof
A method for measurements of parameters characterizing human motor activity provides registration of signals generated by load sensors mounted in shoe insoles,...
US-1,007,0636 Spool brake device for dual-bearing reel
The present spool brake device is configured to brake a spool, rotatably mounted to a reel unit, by a centrifugal force. The present spool brake device includes...
US-D828,004 Shoe upper
US-D828,003 Shoe
US-D828,002 Shoe upper element
US-D828,001 Shoe upper
US-D828,000 Shoe
US-D827,996 Shoe with straps and studs
US-D827,994 Shoe
US-D827,993 Shoe
US-D827,992 Shoe
US-1,006,6615 Linear compressor with a ball joint coupling
The present subject matter provides a linear compressor. The linear compressor includes a coupling having a ball seat that is press-fit on a post of a piston. A...
US-1,006,6496 Gas turbine engine and seal assembly therefore
The present disclosure relates generally to a hydrostatic advanced low leakage seal having a shoe supported by at least one beam. An anti-vibration seal is...
US-1,006,6300 Enhanced release compression shoe for use with concrete product forming machines
A compression shoe for use on a concrete products forming machine comprises a main body and a plated layer overlaid on the main body. The main body is...
US-1,006,6044 Stereoregular diblock polybutadienes having a 1,4-cis/syndiotactic 1,2 structure from stereospecific polymerization
Stereoregular diblock polybutadiene composed of a polybutadiene block having a 1,4-cis structure and a polybutadiene block having a syndiotactic 1,2 structure....
US-1,006,5692 Track link structure and pin joint assembly
A track link includes a link body having first and second sides, a rail surface, a shoe engaging surface, and first and second end portions. A link pin bore at...
US-1,006,5384 Molded footwear with woven appearance and ventilation features
According to embodiments of the invention, a precursor sheet is formed by injecting an EVA-based material into a mold cavity. The mold cavity is configured to...
US-1,006,5102 Sliding board, fastening device for shoes and a snowboard equipment comprising said sliding board and said...
The present invention relates to, a sliding board, the structure of which comprises at least one lower layer, at least one upper layer, a core, at least one...
US-1,006,5093 Cat's claw golf tool with tread cleaning
A golf tool for cleaning a cleat or spike may include a top surface, a pair of opposing side surfaces connected to the top surface, a bottom surface opposing...
US-1,006,5068 Adjustable ankle rehabilitation apparatus
Various embodiments provide an adjustable ankle rehabilitation device for rehabilitating torn ligaments associated with a sprained ankle. The rehabilitation...
US-1,006,4966 Sanitizing device
The shoe sole sanitizer provides a UV radiation emitting system that kills microbial pathogens deposited on shoe sole surfaces. The system includes a housing...
US-1,006,4464 Shoe with retractable spike mechanism for canes and crutches
A shoe for canes and crutches composing a cylindrical tubular member having an end mounted to the end of a shaft or crutch, and the other end having a central...
US-1,006,4451 Footwear forming device
Construction of a shoe relies on application of pressure to form the shoe portions to a desired shape and configuration. The application of pressure is...
US-1,006,4450 Retrofit shoe heel system
A retrofit shoe heel system for stiletto-heeled shoes has a heel outsole piece, a heel midsection piece, and a heel top piece. The heel outsole piece has a...
US-1,006,4446 Shoe having an air pump device with a spring element clasping a bellows
A shoe has an air pump device for blowing air into the interior of a shoe comprising a bellows formed in the sole structure and surrounding a cavity, an intake...
US-D827,289 Shoe welt
US-D827,288 Shoe upper
US-D827,287 Shoe
US-D827,286 Shoe
US-D827,285 Shoe upper
US-D827,284 Shoe
US-D827,283 Shoe upper
US-D827,282 Shoe upper
US-D827,281 Shoe heel element
US-D827,280 Shoe
US-D827,279 Shoe
US-D827,278 Shoe upper
US-D827,277 Shoe
US-D827,276 Upper for a shoe
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