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Patent # Description
US-D809,762 Shoe upper
US-D809,761 Shoe upper
US-D809,759 Shoe outsole
US-D809,757 Shoe midsole
US-D809,756 Shoe
US-D809,755 Shoe
US-D809,754 Shoe
US-D809,751 Shoe
US-D809,749 Shoe
US-9,885,329 Roller tappet
A roller tappet includes a roller and a roller shoe in which the roller is rotatably mounted. The roller shoe has a first lateral surface with a recess for...
US-9,885,153 Device for forming an extended nip
Disclosed is a device for forming an extended nip between a counter roll and a shoe roll for machining a material web, wherein the shoe roll has a support and a...
US-9,885,150 Shoe press
Shoe press comprising a fixed support structure (2, 10), a flexible belt (1) rotating about said fixed support structure (2, 10) which flexible belt (1) can be...
US-9,884,245 Ski binding
The present invention relates to a ski binding (1) for the different forms of cross-country skiing, comprising a forward housing part (2) that contains a fixed...
US-9,883,716 Footwear sole
A shoe sole having a bottom surface with a plurality of stud clusters extending therefrom is provided, each stud cluster comprising at least two studs connected...
US-9,883,711 Customized shoe textures and shoe portions
A shoe with a three-dimensional (3-D) surface texture created using rapid manufacturing techniques is provided. A plurality of 3-D surface texture options is...
US-D809,280 Shoe upper
US-D809,279 Shoe upper
US-D809,278 Shoe upper
US-D809,277 Shoe upper
US-D809,276 Shoe upper
US-D809,275 Shoe upper
US-D809,274 Shoe upper
US-D809,273 Shoe upper
US-D809,272 Shoe upper
US-D809,271 Shoe upper
US-D809,270 Shoe upper
US-D809,269 Shoe upper
US-D809,268 Shoe upper
US-D809,267 Shoe upper
US-D809,266 Shoe upper
US-D809,265 Combined upper and welt for shoe
US-D809,264 Upper for shoe
US-D809,262 Shoe upper
US-D809,259 Shoe outsole
US-D809,257 Shoe outsole
US-D809,256 Shoe midsole
US-9,881,477 Device having a sensor for sensing an object and a communicator for coupling the sensor to a determiner for...
An embodiment of a device includes a sensor and a communicator. The sensor is configured to be attached to a body portion of a subject, to sense an object, and...
US-9,881,226 Object relation builder
Recommendations can be generated even in situations where sufficient user information is unavailable for providing personalized recommendations. Instead of...
US-9,879,572 Continuous variable valve lift apparatus and engine provided with the same
A continuously variable valve lift apparatus may include a camshaft, a cam portion on which a cam is formed and into which the camshaft is inserted, a slider...
US-9,879,389 Powered roller screed with adjustable handle for wet screed attachment
A cement screeding system in the form of a powered roller screed with a wet screed attachment. The wet screed attachment includes a wet screed shoe. A handle is...
US-9,878,576 Segmented wheel and method and system for controlling a segmented wheel
An adaptable wheel has a central hub, radial segments connected to the central hub at a proximal end and extending radially from the central hub, each radial...
US-9,878,509 Shoe mold structure
A shoe mold structure contains: a base, a lower part, an upper part, a mold core, and two connecting rod assemblies. The base includes a movable space, and the...
US-9,877,891 Massage shoe
A massaging shoe; switchable on and off, powered by battery or other power supply and using various possible means to provide massaging including; vibration,...
US-9,877,547 Decorative shoe clasp
A removeable shoe clasp for adding decorative ornaments to shoes is presented. The shoe clasp is comprised of an interior member connected to an exterior member...
US-9,877,546 Device for creating smoke that emanates from an external foot covering
A device worn on a foot of an individual for creating smoke that emanates about the device as the individual walks or runs, the device having a tube with two...
US-9,877,545 High-heeled shoe with thickening cushion
A shoe includes a sole having an insert piece and a layer of material disposed on a top surface of the insert piece; and an upper extending above the sole. The...
US-9,877,544 Shoe insole
A shoe insole is provided which has a balance adjustability and a shock absorbability, can maintain a balance with a standard foot shape without discomfort, and...
US-9,877,542 Rapid-entry shoe
A rapid-entry shoe allows the shoe to be rapidly entered and readied for wearing by the user. The shoe may be any of a wide variety of shoe types, including...
US-9,877,541 Method to prevent irritation of deformed toes of a patient using an adjustable toe protector
A method to prevent irritation of deformed toes of a patient uses an adjustable toe protector formed from a loop of a tubular material with a pile layer on the...
US-9,877,540 Assembly comprising a shoe, a shaped piece connected with the shoe to support the ankle, and a set of a shaped...
An assembly includes a shoe and a device connected with the shoe to support the ankle, wherein the device includes a shaped piece which surrounds the ankle at...
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