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Patent # Description
US-D778,576 Shoe upper
US-D778,575 Shoe upper
US-D778,574 Shoe upper
US-D778,573 Shoe upper
US-D778,572 Shoe upper
US-D778,571 Shoe upper
US-D778,570 Shoe upper
US-D778,569 Shoe upper
US-D778,568 Shoe midsole
US-D778,567 Shoe insole
US-D778,566 Shoe outsole
US-D778,564 Shoe outsole
US-D778,563 Shoe outsole
US-D778,562 Shoe outsole
US-D778,561 Shoe outsole
US-D778,560 Shoe outsole
US-D778,559 Traction element for a shoe outsole
US-D778,557 Shoe outsole
US-D778,556 Shoe outsole
US-D778,555 Shoe outsole
US-D778,554 Shoe outsole
US-D778,553 Shoe midsole
US-D778,552 Shoe midsole
US-D778,551 Shoe midsole
US-D778,550 Shoe cover
US-9,565,343 Camera shoe extension
A microphone assembly includes a microphone unit and an attachment unit. The attachment unit includes a camera shoe attachment section. A camera shoe extension...
US-9,565,286 Insole, mobile terminal and method of controlling therefor
A mobile terminal including a display unit; a wireless communication unit configured to wirelessly communicate with an insole in a shoe and an external device;...
US-9,562,742 Foot orthosis and exoskeleton
The present invention contemplates a variety of apparatuses for carrying and concealing a weapon holster on a lower leg. A device is provided that offloads...
US-9,562,523 Wobble drive mechanism
A wobble drive mechanism for coupling a rotary motion to a reciprocating motion comprising a diagonal plate coupled to a rotary motion axis driving a wobble...
US-9,562,408 Casing or liner barrier with remote interventionless actuation feature
A tubular string is run into a wellbore with a remotely actuated valve near a lower end adjacent a cementing shoe. The valve is triggered to operate without...
US-9,561,534 Flexible grip die-alignment arrangement
A die press assembly for producing punched parts from a travelling web of material, the die press comprising: a lower die shoe securing a compound punch holder...
US-9,561,424 Low-rider profile roller skates
A low-rider roller skate having a first sole, a pair of front wheels attached to a front axle that is mounted to a front portion of the first sole, and a pair...
US-9,560,897 Shoe testing apparatus
A test apparatus and method for testing a shoe comprises a base, with a shoe fixture for fixing a shoe against displacement, and an actuator, including a shoe...
US-9,560,896 Insole for footwear
The present disclosures concerns embodiments of a footwear insole that can be used with various types of footwear, including, without limitation, shoes...
US-9,560,895 Weighted shoe insole and method for making the same
A weighted insole assembly, comprising a top thermoformable material layer, a bottom thermoformable material layer, and a weighted unit encapsulated between the...
US-9,560,841 Spinning reel for fishing and a braking operation lever for the rotor braking device
A braking operation lever for a rotor braking device of a spinning reel for applying a braking force to the rotation of a rotor rotatably supported by a reel...
US-D778,373 Shoe wedge training aid
US-D778,040 Shoe insole
US-9,559,572 Method for manufacturing permanent-magnet motor rotor
A method for manufacturing a permanent-magnet motor rotor includes manufacturing a rotary shaft, a permanent magnet, a front end cover, a rear end cover, and a...
US-9,557,129 Trigger assembly and system including a blocking mechanism
A trigger assembly includes a trigger shoe configured to disengage a sear to release a firing mechanism in response to force applied by a user. The trigger...
US-9,556,736 Hydraulic machine, in particular hydraulic pressure exchanger
A hydraulic pressure exchanger comprising a drum rotatable about an axis, a front plate arrangement having a front plate and a pressure shoe, said drum...
US-9,556,609 Sliding seismic isolation device
Provided is a high-performance sliding seismic isolation device with a slider that realizes a contact pressure of 60 MPa. The device includes an upper shoe 1...
US-9,555,617 Dual function shoe upper printing jig
A printing jig system that includes a maintaining jig able to maintain an article for a first processing step and that is also used to maintain and align the...
US-9,555,522 Systems and methods for welding
A welding fixture including an electromagnet, a non-magnetic support configured to receive at least two sheets of material to be welded, and one or more...
US-9,555,308 Bag with multiple storage compartments
A bag includes a main storage compartment and a plurality of accessory storage compartments. The accessory storage compartments are generally separated from the...
US-9,555,281 ClipWeights
New donning-actuated clips and other fastening and tightening techniques for garments are disclosed. In one aspect of the invention, a garment includes a...
US-9,554,631 Hygienic products organizer case/display stand for use with a suitcase
A suitcase includes pivotally attached first and second shells, and latch means for releasably securing the shells when closed. A partition divides the second...
US-9,554,621 Midsole for a running shoe
A midsole for a running shoe is described, which shoe comprises a rear foot area (150) with a bottom heel portion (20) and an upper heel portion (142). The...
US-9,554,617 Protection devices for use in shoes or other products
A variety of devices for protecting a user's foot from injury are disclosed. In one embodiment, the device may be a metatarsal protection device, which may...
US-9,554,616 Dual-density insole with a molded geometry
A dual-density insole (or sock liner) for a shoe is disclosed. The insole includes a carrier with two cavities. Two inserts with a density or hardness level...
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