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Patent # Description
US-9,550,537 Crown for a link in a ground engaging track system
The disclosure relates to a system and method for a link for a track chain in a ground-engaging track system. The link has an elongate link body including a...
US-9,550,067 Shoe-shaped magnetic coil system for the treatment of foot pain
A shoe-shaped magnetic coil system for the treatment of foot pain which has an electrical pulse generator and a magnetic coil system connected to the electrical...
US-9,549,591 Instep cover, and method for knitting instep cover
An instep cover knitted there-dimensionally in advance, and a method for knitting the same are provided. An instep cover 1, out of a shoe upper configuring a...
US-D776,912 Shoe upper
US-D776,911 Shoe upper
US-D776,910 Shoe upper
US-D776,909 Shoe upper
US-D776,905 Shoe outsole
US-D776,904 Shoe outsole
US-D776,903 Sole structure for a shoe
US-D776,902 Shoe upper
US-9,548,618 Heated insoles
An efficient system to heat the insole of a heated insole of a shoe in which the Intelligent Circuit (IC) for a flat lithium battery is located outside the shoe...
US-9,546,882 Electronic apparatus and program
An electronic apparatus includes a sensor, a body that is provided separately from and is not incorporated to a shoe worn by a user, and a processing circuit...
US-9,546,536 Methods and devices for casing and cementing well bores
A casing string is augmented with one or more variable flow resistance devices or "vibrating tools" to facilitate advancement of the casing and distribution of...
US-9,546,076 Suspension arrangement and guide shoe arrangement for an elevator
A suspension arrangement and guide shoe arrangement of an elevator, which arrangement comprises at least an elevator car and at least two compensating weights,...
US-9,546,075 Sliding guide shoe and an elevator provided with a sliding guide shoe
A sliding guide shoe includes at least a body part, which includes at least a slide pad space for a slide pad as well as at least one fixing part for fixing the...
US-9,545,972 Variable magnetic binding system for bicycle pedal
An adjustable magnetic binding system used for attaching a shoe to a bicycle pedal. The magnetic element is integrated into the bicycle pedal in such a manner...
US-9,545,558 Device for retaining a shoe on a gliding board
The invention relates to a device for retaining the shoe on a gliding board comprising a lower base (E) designed to be secured to the board and receiving the...
US-9,545,554 Cheerleading stunt practice device
A practice device for simulating a cheerleading stunt includes a frame that has a base plate and a top plate; a tubular shaft that extends between the base and...
US-9,545,131 Footwear with interchangeable sole structure elements
A shoe may comprise an upper and a sole structure that includes a plurality of support elements located in a plantar region. Each of the support elements may be...
US-9,545,130 Waterproof and vapor-permeable shoe
A waterproof and vapor-permeable shoe, comprising a sole, provided with a vapor permeation region, an assembly insole, which is covered, toward the sole, by at...
US-9,545,129 Baseball shoe with cleat pattern for pitching
A baseball shoe includes an upper section and a sole section. The sole section includes a sole and a plurality of cleats. The sole includes a cleat pattern...
US-9,545,089 Dual-bearing reel spool braking device and a dual-bearing reel
A dual-bearing reel spool braking device for applying a braking force to a spool rotatably mounted on a reel body, the dual-bearing reel spool braking device...
US-D776,885 Shoe dryer
US-D776,420 Shoe midsole
US-D776,419 Shoe upper
US-D776,418 Shoe upper
US-D776,417 Shoe upper
US-D776,416 Shoe upper
US-D776,413 Shoe sole
US-D776,412 Shoe outsole
US-D776,411 Shoe
US-D776,410 Shoe
US-D776,407 Shoe
US-9,544,830 Moving cellular communication system operative in an emergency mode
Present ice skates 10 have a relatively great distance between the sole and the surface of the blades 40 for contacting the ice in use. This leads to...
US-9,539,495 Intelligent automatic shoe and cartridge
A playing card delivery shoe has a cartridge for receiving a first set of shuffled playing cards useful in the play of the casino table card game, the cartridge...
US-9,539,466 System for improving the power delivered by a rider to a peddle-operated vehicle
A system comprising structures connected to the rider of human-powered vehicles improves the force a rider may apply to the vehicle. The elements are primarily...
US-9,538,814 Cork outer soled shoes and method for fabrication
A process for fabricating shoes having an outer cork sole insert includes processing raw cork into sheets of predetermined thickness, adhering a thin fabric...
US-9,538,812 Adjustable sole support system
A removable and adjustable insert for footwear has slots placed in the insole and/or midsole of the shoe to allow access to the arch and/or metatarsal and/or...
US-9,538,810 Electrostatic discharge shoe assembly and electrostatic discharge shoe grounding accessory thereof
An electrostatic discharge shoe grounding accessory comprises an attachment mechanism (2) and a fastening mechanism, wherein, the attachment mechanism (2) is a...
US-9,538,809 Shock absorbing shoes with improved assembly and operational performance
A shock absorbing shoe with improved assembly and operational performance is provided. The shock absorbing shoe includes: an outsole; an upper sole arranged on...
US-9,538,808 Method for manufacturing a waterproof and vapor-permeable shoe
A method for providing a waterproof and vapor-permeable shoe, including: constructing an upper shoe assembly, including at least one vapor-permeable lining, a...
US-9,538,806 Shoe with a heated insole
A shoe has a heated insole with a battery-receiving portion. A battery is insertable into and removable from the battery-receiving portion of the shoe's insole...
US-9,538,709 Merger and pick-up header for a merger having an adjustable skid shoe
A merger apparatus including a pick-up header; a conveyor with a conveyor belt; a skid shoe disposed below the pick-up header and the conveyor; and an operative...
US-D775,872 Shoe stand
US-D775,811 Shoe
US-D775,810 Shoe upper
US-D775,809 Shoe upper
US-D775,808 Shoe upper
US-D775,807 Shoe upper
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