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Patent # Description
US-9,027,502 Rowing shoe retaining system
A rowing shoe retaining system includes a plate mountable to a sole of a shoe and a receiver mountable to a footboard of a rowing boat. The receiver removably...
US-9,027,438 Fabricated eccentric for drag line excavator walking mechanisms
An improved eccentric used in walking mechanism sub-assemblies used in heavy equipment, specifically drag line excavators. The walking assemblies include a...
US-9,027,262 Shoe with integral pump
A shoe, such as an athletic shoe, includes a pump assembly integral therewith. The pump assembly includes a pump which produces a stream of pressurized air and...
US-D728,918 Shoe flap
US-D728,909 Sole for shoe
US-D728,908 Shoe
US-D728,907 Shoe
US-D728,906 Shoe
US-D728,905 Shoe
US-D728,902 Shoe
US-9,023,910 Low-density polyurethane shoe soles or sole parts with high rebound resilience and low compression set
A process for producing a polyurethane shoe sole having an article density of 100 to 350 g/L and being made from an organic polyisocyanate, a polyol, a blowing...
US-9,022,235 Footwear hanger assembly
A footwear hanger includes a suspension portion for suspending a pair of shoes having toe separators in as side-by-side relation in an upright position, and a...
US-9,022,185 Electromechanical friction shock absorber
An electromechanical friction shock absorber is used in washing machines wherein the washing drum rotates on the horizontal axis and comprises at least one...
US-9,022,114 Cement shoe and method of cementing well with open hole below the shoe
A casing shoe secured to a lower end of a casing string is positioned a selected distance from a bottom of the well, defining an open hole portion in the well...
US-9,021,901 Shoe
A hemispherical shoe 4 is equipped with a sliding surface 4A which slides with a swash plate 3, and a hemispherical convex 4B. Hardening is performed by...
US-9,021,722 Sole for a golf shoe
An outer sole for a golf shoe includes a plurality of cleats distributed along a forefoot area and a heel area. The cleats are integrated with the outer sole...
US-9,021,719 Shoe spring and shock absorbing system
Footwear with a powerful arch spring made with spring boards that can be utilized by the heel and ball of the foot areas during impact for efficient energy...
US-D728,213 Golf shoe
US-D728,212 Golf shoe upper portion
US-D728,210 Shoe outsole
US-D728,209 Shoe
US-D728,206 Shoe
US-D728,205 Golf shoe
US-9,016,961 Shoe camera mount
A camera mount may include a base which may have a bottom portion and a top portion, a pair of opposing sidewalls that may be connected to and may extend...
US-9,016,809 Track shoe and pin removal system
A track for a tracked vehicle includes two or more track shoes. The track shoes include one or more links having a first link end and a second link end, one or...
US-9,015,965 Internally illuminated footwear component
The sole section of a shoe includes a midsole and an outsole, with the midsole being made from a translucent material. An illumination system is located inside...
US-9,015,964 Shoe heel support device
A shoe heel support device including a ground contacting base portion and a resilient shoe heel engagement portion attached to the ground contacting base...
US-9,015,963 Removable shoe wedge
A shoe wedge includes a support structure. The support structure includes two longitudinally extending wall portions that are biased towards one another such...
US-9,015,961 Shoe with ventilation system obtained by direct injection method on upper and mould therefor
A shoe (1) is disclosed comprising: an insole (1) fixed to the upper (T) and comprising a slot (10) in the heel area and a plurality of holes (11) in the...
US-D727,610 Shoe outsole
US-D727,609 Shoe outsole
US-D727,607 Rock climbing shoe
US-D727,606 Golf shoe
US-9,011,971 Shoe ornament structure and method for making the same
A shoe ornament structure, comprises: a base layer, a sub-base layer, a ground color layer, a ornamental layer, a blocking wall and a transparent layer. The...
US-9,011,554 High-performance multi-component prosthetic foot
Prosthetic feet are described comprising a curvilinear spring element, including a rounded portion transitioning between upper and lower extensions, the upper...
US-9,011,040 Stair screed and float device
A combined stair screed and float device for quickly and efficiently spreading and smoothing wet concrete comprising a generally shoe shaped member with a...
US-9,009,990 Shoe having removable and interchangeable heel assemblies with kit
A removable heel assembly, a shoe having a removable shoe assembly and kit containing a shoe body having a heel base and a plurality a assorted removable and...
US-9,009,988 Flexible shoe sole
A sole for dance footwear such as a dance sneaker includes an outsole having forefoot, arch and heel portions and which contains openings in the forefoot and...
US-D727,025 Shoe carrier
US-D727,003 Boat shoe
US-D727,002 Shoe
US-D727,000 Shoe cover
US-D726,999 Shoe cover
US-D726,998 Golf shoe
US-9,004,619 Mobile machine track shoe
A mobile machine track shoe includes a ground engaging surface including a first grouser bar and a second grouser bar substantially parallel to the first...
US-9,004,299 Storage rack
A rotating storage rack including a base and a plurality of vertically stacked shelves allows high storage density for shoes, boots, and other footwear, as well...
US-9,004,244 Brake assembly with improved brake shoe retention
A brake assembly having a brake shoe and an anchor pin. The brake shoe may have an anchor pin slot that may include first and second connecting surfaces that...
US-D726,973 Horse shoe
US-D726,401 Golf shoe upper
US-D726,400 Shoe sole insert
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