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Patent # Description
US-8,869,428 Heated insole with removable and rechargeable battery
A heated insole for a shoe has an insole body and a battery. The insole body has a battery-receiving portion. The battery is configured to be removable from and...
US-8,869,350 Torsion bar door check
A door check for an automobile has an arm with a cam formed between oppositely directed flanks. A unitary energy storage component cooperates with the arm to...
US-D716,039 Shoe upper
US-D716,038 Shoe upper
US-D716,037 Shoe upper
US-D716,036 Shoe upper
US-D716,035 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D716,034 Shoe
US-D716,033 Shoe
US-D716,032 Shoe
US-D716,031 Heel of a shoe
US-D716,030 Shoe
US-D716,027 Shoe outsole
US-D716,025 Shoe sole
US-D716,023 Shoe
US-8,866,359 Brushless motor having V-shaped permanent magnets
A brushless motor has a stator and a rotor. The stator has a stator core with a plurality of inwardly extending salient poles and windings wound about the...
US-8,865,039 Method of making a concrete block
Molds and processes that permit high-speed, mass production of retaining wall blocks having patterned or other processed front faces, as well as retaining wall...
US-8,864,697 Foot pain treatment device and method of use
A foot pain treatment device operable to treat foot pain having a tubular member with an integrated orthotic so as to facilitate treatment without the...
US-8,863,920 Electronic parking brake
Disclosed herein is an electronic parking brake which is installed in a vehicle and is operated by a motor. The electronic parking brake having a drum rotating...
US-8,863,919 Electric parking brake system
Disclosed is a motor driven type electric parking brake system. The parking brake system includes a drum that is rotated along with a wheel, first and second...
US-8,863,916 Brake shoe for drum brake
A brake shoe, in particular a brake shoe for a drum brake, comprising a bridge unit and a brake pad unit, wherein the bridge unit comprises a bridge element...
US-8,863,804 Device for coating a workpiece
The present invention provides a device for coating a workpiece, which comprises at least a deflector means for feeding a material web, downstream of which a...
US-8,863,410 Cleat for a shoe, shoe sole with such a cleat and shoe
To improve the grip of the shoe at the ground, especially when playing golf, the shoe has a cleat with a cleat base body which can be connected to the sole and...
US-8,863,409 Shoe having an air cushioning bed
An air cushioning system for use in a shoe is formed from a first layer of a plastic material and a second layer of plastic material both of which are sized to...
US-8,863,407 Shoe sole of athletic shoe with high running efficiency
An athletic shoe suitable for efficient running. A depression is formed in the rear foot portion which extends forward from the calcaneal bone and which does...
US-8,863,406 Two-piece transformable boot
A two-piece convertible boot. The boot may include a shoe portion for enclosing a wearer's foot and extending substantially up to the wearer's ankle, the shoe...
US-D715,532 Decorative shoe flap
US-D715,531 Shoe upper
US-D715,530 Shoe upper
US-D715,529 Shoe upper
US-D715,528 Decorative features for a shoe
US-D715,527 Portion of a shoe upper
US-D715,526 Sports shoe sole bottom with cleats
US-D715,525 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D715,524 Shoe with decorative sole
US-D715,522 Shoe sole
US-D715,521 Shoe with decorative sole
US-8,857,568 Rolling toe assist
A ladder, system, and methods are disclosed. The ladder is used on a steep-pitched roof and has a first section with rungs, a second section connected to the...
US-8,857,292 Pedal-cleat assembly
An improved pedal/cleat assembly includes a cleat that can be releasably secured to a pedal assembly without the need to contact the sole of a rider's shoe. The...
US-8,857,114 Step re-tread system and apparatus
A system for refacing an existing set of stairs without having to remove the existing set in its entirety or cause destruction to the existing set of stairs and...
US-D715,040 Shoe upper
US-D715,039 Shoe upper
US-D715,038 Shoe
US-D715,036 Shoe outsole
US-D715,034 Footwear
US-8,852,057 Structure for connection and separation between an engine and a main unit
Problems to be solved: Providing a structure for connection and separation between an engine and a main unit, adapted to release coupling by separating a...
US-8,851,753 Enclosure liner
An enclosure liner is provided which includes a bag, which bag has a top panel, two side panels, a back panel, and a bottom panel. The front panel forms an...
US-8,850,734 Trigger assembly and system including a blocking mechanism
A trigger assembly includes a trigger shoe configured to disengage a sear to release a firing mechanism in response to force applied by a user. The trigger...
US-8,850,723 Article of footwear having an upper with a matrix layer
Articles of footwear, including athletic footwear, include one or more of: (a) a sole structure; (b) an upper having lateral and medial side elements engaged...
US-8,850,718 Shoe with support system
A shoe construction utilizing a fluid containing chamber as a cushion. The shoe includes a stabilizer positioned in the shoe and having a heel portion in...
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