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Patent # Description
US-D696,853 Shoe upper
US-D696,852 Shoe
US-D696,851 Shoe upper
US-D696,850 Shoe upper
US-D696,849 Shoe upper
US-D696,848 Shoe upper
US-D696,847 Shoe upper
US-D696,846 Shoe upper
US-D696,844 Shoe upper
US-D696,840 Padded coat
US-8,618,895 Vibration device for an article and vibration generating shoe
A vibration device includes a casing having an operating chamber formed therein, a vibration plate having an extended plate shape with one end fixed to the...
US-8,617,630 Fine particle applicator and related methods
Embodiments relate to a fine particle applicator including a loading vessel, a metering roller positioned adjacent the loading vessel, a first stippling roller...
US-8,617,479 Foot/footwear sterilization system
A foot/shoe sanitizing system includes a housing having at least one opening and a set of foot/shoe support bars coupled to the housing in proximity to the at...
US-8,616,652 Articulating foot-elevating support
The articulating foot-elevating support includes a base into which a hydraulically actuated cylinder of telescoping sections arises therefrom to support a...
US-8,616,336 Method for a ladder with a ladder leveler
A method for setting a ladder in place includes the steps of leaning a top edge of the ladder against a work surface and swivel shoes on the bottom end of each...
US-8,616,100 Emergency braking system for machine tools
An emergency braking system for a machine tool, for the abrupt braking of a rotating shaft, including at least one brake drum and at least one brake shoe which...
US-8,616,038 Two-piece guide pin and method
A two-piece guide pin for metal forming dies includes a guide pin body formed from a cut length of an elongate, solid bar of stock having a cylindrical shape...
US-8,615,930 Lifting device adapted to be mounted in an openable structure
The lifting device comprises abiased slide shoe adapted to be slidable with respect to a member of an openable structure, a lifting arm having two ends, one end...
US-8,615,905 Massaging footwear
Footwear includes an insole with integral massaging pads to aid in relaxation, relief of sore feet, and stimulation for various body parts through reflexology....
US-8,615,904 Footwear cleat with cushioning
A cleat for footwear. The cleat includes a base layer that attaches to the outsole of the footwear, a cushioning layer and a traction element layer. The...
US-D696,711 Camera strobe with movie light
US-D696,505 Shoe outsole
US-D696,504 Outsole for a shoe
US-D696,503 Shoe midsole with translucent regions
US-D696,502 Shoe midsole with contrasting translucent regions
US-D696,501 Shoe midsole
US-D696,499 Shoe guard
US-8,613,351 Centrifugal clutch with heat mitigating spring arrangement
A centrifugal clutch including a drive hub having a rotational axis, a drum coaxial with the driver, a plurality of shoes engaging the drive hub so as to rotate...
US-8,613,148 Shoes
The present invention relates to a molded shoe featuring a three dimensional figure design (e.g., of an animal or character). The shoe has a sole having a...
US-D696,004 Shoe sole
US-D696,003 Shoe sole
US-D696,002 Shoe
US-8,611,573 Hearing aid with audio shoe
A hearing aid has an audio-shoe interface, and a hearing-aid system includes a hearing aid and an audio shoe. The hearing aid has a housing, in which an...
US-8,610,321 Generator, wind turbine, method of assembling a generator and use of a generator in a wind turbine
A generator is provided comprising a rotor with a number of magnetic rotor pole shoes, a stator with a number of stator coils wound on the stator, and a...
US-8,608,524 Water shoe
Provided is a water shoe facilitating walking on a water surface. The water shoe of the present invention includes: a foot fixing portion to fix a foot; a...
US-8,607,801 Tobacco chamber tool
A tool that includes a handle and a head extending from the handle. A stationary shoe portion of the head levels tobacco as the tool pulls the tobacco down a...
US-8,607,712 System for guiding rails on a rail train
A system for guiding rails onto a rail train having rail cars with a plurality of vertically spaced rail support shelves includes upwardly opening guide...
US-8,607,678 Fine adjustment mechanism for precision miter cuts
A miter saw has a base assembly, a table assembly rotatably disposed on the base assembly, a support housing connected to the table assembly, and a saw assembly...
US-8,607,479 Pair of golf shoes
The invention relates to a pair of golf shoes with a rolling surface supporting the swing, wherein an external rolling surface is provided along a shoe outer...
US-8,607,478 Dance shoe
An article of footwear configured for use as a dance shoe is provided. The article of footwear can include an upper and a two-piece sole connected to the upper....
US-8,607,477 Spike device for an anti-slid shoe
Various embodiments provide a spike device for a sole of an anti-slid shoe. The device comprises at least a spike and a resilient member comprising an elastic...
US-D695,504 Shoe tread
US-D695,503 Shoe outsole
US-D695,502 Shoe outsole
US-D695,501 Shoe sole with animal paws
US-D695,500 Shoe
US-D695,499 Shoe
US-D695,498 Shoe
US-D695,497 Golf training shoe
US-8,602,829 Cable connector with integrated shoe
A lug having an integrated shoe for fastening the lug to a conductor and a terminal of a circuit breaker. The lug includes a housing and a cavity in the housing...
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